22 June 2007


Sickeningly gross weather in SoCal. Ugh. I would love to fly to Australia right about now. Oh, did not get the Teen Vogue summer internship! Boo-hoo. I'm guessing it's a pretty college freshman girl originally from Maryland who scored the big prize. JK.

Anyway, witness Darla Baker stroll through the streets of Paris!


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Photo credit Nylon

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 7:10 PM

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Oooh I love Darla, and I've been noticing all the models have been sporting those Iekeliene glasses lately, but Darla pulls them off so well.

Posted by Blogger Teresa @ 11:53 PM #

I love Darla, but as much as I loe the look, I feel shes taking the homeless hobo look a litttle too far in this video..

S xx

Posted by Blogger discothequechic @ 3:48 AM #
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