28 July 2007

balenciaga balderdash

Sasha Pivovarova dons Balenciaga on the cover of September 2007 Vogue Nippon. Fall 2007 Balenciaga is really not my thing. There are a couple of things that don't bode well with me. Separately, the fur stole and the keffiyeh are atrocious, but they work in a weird way on this cover. Vogue Nippon loves head-to-toe designer cover looks, doesn't it? Well thank goodness it's not Suvi and thank goodness the ethereal white runway makeup is absent!

Photo credit Vogue Nippon

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 8:05 PM

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Ehhh, she looks milquetoast and milkfed. Next!

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 12:28 PM #

love the mix of preppy blazer with the fur and the ethnic scarf. you almost can't believe the entire outfit is from Balenciaga

Posted by Blogger Rafe Totengco @ 9:43 AM #
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