12 July 2007


Here are some pages from Barney's Co-op's Summer Mailer starring Stam (IMG) and Sean Opry (VNY).

The carefree and whimsical poses and expressions are truly adorable!

Photo credit Barney's Co-op

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 2:41 AM

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i love it!
i like that pipit dress/tunic too.


Posted by Blogger SICK. @ 10:45 AM #

I really liked this catalog when I got it last month - I told one of the Co-op buyers I thought it seemed so fresh and bright. And the styling was amazing, perfect for Co-op - Stam looked her age for once, which was refreshing. And I loved Sean - I didn't know his name til now, although I've seen him around...thanks! I did a sketch of him because he has such malleable features, although I don't think I quite captured a likeness... http://draw365.blogspot.com/2007/06/barneys-model.html

Posted by Blogger George G @ 8:56 AM #

I really like the pictures! The colours are great and it truly seems as if they had loads of fun shooting it.. too bad there's no Barney's near so no catalogue either.

p.s. I really like your blog, is it OK to link you?

Posted by Blogger AVA @ 2:11 PM #

Let me embarass myself for a moment...OMG SEAN OPRY IS SOOOO HAWT LIKE HE HAS THE MOST AMAZING JAWLINE AHHHHH!...yeah, I also love the funness of barney's co-op hahaha. Sean and Diana Moldovan are dating tooo which is aptly hot.

Posted by Blogger Teresa @ 11:52 PM #
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