24 July 2007

missoni misses

Super sweet and beautiful Behati and a polished, luxe Daria pose for M Missoni and Missoni, respectively.

Behati looks extraordinary in the third photo, even though her face is more than halfway covered with hair.

Daria, Daria, Daria. The shapes she throws interest and intrigue me! Lucrative beauty contract? Check. Prodigious runway work? Check. Highly requested campaign face and body? Check. Plus, the Valentino Fashion Group can't get enough of her this season. She's also in the Valentino ads with Gemma and Hilary!

Photo credits M Missoni, Missoni

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 2:56 AM

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Daria always looks aaaamazing.

Posted by Blogger Teresa @ 8:55 PM #

OMG, just when you thought she had her 15 minutes, Daria comes back with this! Absolute genius. If I were still designing mannequins for a living, (yes, I used to) I'd turn this entire shoot into a collection, stat!

Posted by Blogger George G @ 7:46 PM #

Daria, stunning

Posted by Blogger Candid Cool @ 11:37 PM #
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