23 September 2007

vogue's venture into india

So here's the cover and foldout of the inaugural issue of Vogue India. On the cover are Bipasha Basu, Gemma Ward, Priyanka Chopra. On the foldout are Monikangana Dutta, Preity Zinta, and Laxmi Menon. Looks familiar, doesn't it? Take a look at Vogue China's premier issue below.

I don't complain a lot, but will this become a trend? Do they need Gemma Ward on the cover to validate a newbie Vogue's status? Does having a foreign girl in between two locals legitimize Vogue India's (or Vogue China's) internationality?

Does this say something about Asian culture? I think it does. Monikanga and Laxmi are dark and beautiful and the cover should've reflected that. Why the flat ironed hair and Italian and French dresses? At least Vogue China had Shanghai as the backdrop and Carine Roitfeld incorporated Chinese clothing in the styling. Where's Ashish & Soni, Ashima Leena, and Anuradha Vakil? Lucinda Chambers should've taken into account India's own fashion vocabulary. Additionally, a serene Rajasthan set or a bright Bollywood studio would've been more appealing. Predictable, yes, but distinctly Indian.

Hopefully, the day will come when a nation's own beauty can stand on its own and a beautiful lady like Du Juan or Ujjwala Raut (why isn't she on the debut cover?!) doesn't need to be flanked by two blonde girls on either side in order to shine.

Photo credits (top to bottom) Vogue India by Patrick Demarchelier/FabSugar, Vogue China by Patrick Demarchelier/Danwei

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I thought they learned the lesson from China Vogue.

I am so upset with their covers.

Posted by Blogger adriana @ 10:27 AM #

gemma's pretty out of place on both covers.

Posted by Blogger Candid Cool @ 7:22 PM #
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