11 January 2008

model excitement #3: red, white and blue

Ali Stephens, 16
Salt Lake City, UT

Opening Chloé is a headliner. Doing the subsequent campaign solo is another. Back-to-back Vogues and an upcoming Numéro should be stellar. All she needs to do is broaden her range of looks and this x-country star should do just fine!

Courtney Smerski, 18
Aberdeen, WA

Nina Ricci campaign? Sold! I don't think this girl is heading for Grays Harbor College anytime soon, not with a momentum like this.

Karlie Kloss, 14
Chicago, IL

Teen Vogue all the way. Side by side with Courtney in the Nina Ricci campaign. Exclusive at Gucci in Milan. Exclusive at Calvin in NY. This ballerina channels her innate regalness even on the runways.

Ah, to be young, 5'11", and all-American.

Looks like Elite is bringing Americans back!

Photo credit: Marilyn

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 2:11 AM

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Ali is a stunner!

Posted by Blogger Grace @ 9:39 AM #

I love Karlie Kloss, she has a really pretty, fresh look.

Posted by Blogger Lauren @ 2:11 PM #

It's so strange that 14-year-old girls (who may or may not have begun menstruation) are (more or less) dictating what 30-year old women wear. The modeling industry may as well hover above nursery cribs at the hospital at this rate.

Seriously, 14?!

Posted by Blogger Q @ 9:17 PM #
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