29 January 2008

the showcard surprise

Angela Lindvall.

A late nineties super from the Midwest. 29. Two kids. 20+ show seasons. She's been on the cover of all the major Vogues (Australian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, British, and American). She's been in virtually every single campaign from Calvin to Prada, Chanel to Versace, Chloé to Marc Jacobs, Cavalli to LV, Christian Dior to Valentino, everything.

After about four seasons with One, Angela made the switch to her one and only mother agency, IMG.

Let me point out something.

Take a look at Angela's SS08 showcard from One:

Now for her FW08 IMG showcard:

Click on the images so you can read her stats clearly. Notice something odd? One notes that Angela is 5'11". IMG says she's... 5'9"? Now I've always thought that Angela is 5'11", on the runways, next to other girls, she's clearly 5'11".

Now there are some differences in her other measurements but regarding her height, here's what her other agencies have to say:

Barcelona - Group, 5'11"
Berlin - Iconic, 5'11"
London - Independent, 5'11"
Milan - D'Management, 5'11"
Paris - IMG, 5'11"
Vienna - Stella, 180 cm ≈ 5'11"

And here's what IMG New York has to say... 5'9".

Either IMG NY is right, six European agencies are covering up Miss Lindvall's real height because she, um, lost bone mass in the past year AND she's now around Snejana Onopka's height OR IMG's interns aren't being very precise.

Such blatant (and careless) discrepancy in her height is completely laughable. Wonk, wonk, wonk.

Photo credits: Models.com, One, IMG

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 12:13 PM

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Thats a pretty big discrepency!

Let's hope someone has a word with their fact-checker!

Posted by Blogger Elisabeth @ 8:35 AM #

Her career is amazing - A true beauty like a modern day Christy Turlington!

Posted by Blogger underneath @ 12:47 AM #

She is amazing. Although her walk is full of insane gesticulations, I still love her. And for IMG to make such an error is rather off-setting.

Posted by Blogger Teresa @ 8:38 PM #
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