08 January 2008

suddenly sebastián

Draped in a black sequined Chanel resort robe, with a J12 on his right wrist, and with that sexy, intriguing unibrow, Sebastián Faena could easily be mistaken for a model.

Paired with stylist Sophia Achaval, this young photographer and director first caught my attention when Angela Lindvall appeared in a V story entitled "Suddenly Buenos Aires".

The photographs portray Angela, an international popstar who is dating an Argentinean bolero singer named Cristian Ferrera, only to find out that he's been cheating on her with a woman named Dolores.

International superstar Angela arrives in town for her Blonde Venus world tour.

And to be with her man, a local bolero singer.

One night Angela watches Dolores perform.

Dolores had always been the other woman.

Until now.

Angela was suddenly abandoned.

And there could be no more self-deception.

All she wanted now was solitude in her despair.

And revenge.

The world wanted her and her alone, so none of the rest would ever matter.

Faena is also a filmmaker and his debut La Mujer Rota, is produced by Mario Testino.

Photo credits: V Magazine (V49 "Something About You" & V50 "Suddenly Buenos Aires"), Argentina Films

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In my opinion, I think it was so wrong to choose Angela as the Argentinian model.

She doesn't look like popstar here, moreover as a South American. I think she should have portrayed herself much better here.

Any feedback is welcomed :)

Posted by Blogger adriana @ 8:40 AM #

I see what you're saying, although Angela is playing the role of a Madonna type of character, and Dolores is supposed to be the one who's from Argentina.

Good point, though. She doesn't really look South American. El problema es que ahora no hay muchos modelos argentinos, mucho menos los modelos sudamericanos.

Hmmm I think Cecilia Mendez is out of the question. Milagros Schmoll could work. Ah, Romina Lanaro, maybe? She has that gap-tooth thing going on, very Madonna.

Posted by Blogger ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 1:38 PM #
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