14 February 2008

model mad libs!

Now before playing the videos, I encourage you to actually try this out! I always love playing Mad Libs! It is sort of a modified version and you might find the real answers surprising and quite fun.

When asked what they like about modeling...

Andrew Moore likes __________(noun).

TJ doesn't like __________(verb ending in -ing) around.

Philip Huang likes __________(adjective) __________(noun) and __________(plural noun).

When asked how they stay in shape...

Lindsay Ellingson takes "a lot of __________(noun) classes".

Ekat Kiseleva loves __________(verb ending in -ing).

Inguna Butane likes __________(verb ending in -ing) and walking.

Joan Smalls, Skye Stracke, and Miranda Kerr do __________(plural noun).

Emina Cunmulaj just started working out this year.

And Andi Muise hates working out!

At the Michael Kors show...

Helge points out that with glasses on, Terron Wood looks like __________(person).

According to their Icelandic signs, both Michael Kors and Terron are __________(plural noun).

Terron calls Tom Brady a __________(noun).

__________(person) gives us more real estate advice.

If they weren't modeling...

Ekat would either be studying __________(noun) or __________(noun).

Stephanie Shiu wants to be a __________(noun).

Ksenia Kahnovich would like to be a __________(noun).

Andrew Moore would be a __________(noun).

Tyler Riggs would be __________(verb ending in -ing) to __________(noun) and __________(verb ending in -ing) at __________(noun).

Plus, Oscar de la Renta does wonderful things with his tongue!
Carine Roitfeld prefers vodka over champagne, citing the latter as a culprit for bad breath.
Plum Sykes is a converted Oscarphile.

All this at The Daily's YouTube channel!

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