13 March 2008

honest clothing

Where were you in '92?

I call Generra honest clothing not because it doesn't tell lies but because it has an innate straightforwardness.

Spring is only a few days away but the clothes above have me yearning for cooler temperatures! I think dressing in the fall and in the winter allows you to be the most creative of the entire year. Of course, spring's clothes are just as brilliant!

Nick Snider and Eddie Klint on the runway. Generra AND Prada boys!

Shout out to Sean Krebs! Yes, I STILL love Generra.

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 10:48 PM

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Thanks for the shout out!

Did you also recognize Tom Wade (from the Burberry campaign) in the Spring '08 show as well?

My friend at Details wanted to book him for a shoot he was styling and Tom's agent was like "Tom's still in high school in England and only goes to the U.S. for shows."

I meannnnn.............

Posted by Blogger seandkrebs @ 7:41 AM #

I see Tom in the cute blue and grey cardigan!

Well that's insaaane! Haha. Interesting, interesting. Never knew he was still in HS... geez, I guess he can't take the weekend off or something?!

Posted by Blogger ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 1:40 PM #

RIP Prada boys..

..love the M.I.A reference!

Posted by Blogger discothequechic @ 10:08 AM #
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