15 April 2008

vingt cinq ans de beauté

Model shelf lives become lesser and lesser as time goes on, but there's a certain something about the following three models who despite starting out at the older-than-usual model age range, have gone on to become definitive, exceptional and iconic.

In early 2006, Han Hye Jin made a quiet start on the NY and Paris runways, subsequently blasting through the major Vogues including in her home country, South Korea. As any other model, her beauty is widely debated but with her poise and pensive presence, she has set the bar along with fellow South Korean Hye Rim Park for younger upstarts like Hyoni Kang. Brilliance.

Laura Hollins, yes, Laura Hollins with the outrageous style, explosive personality, and one-of-a-kind looks. Agyness Deyn has become one of the proponents of the reemerging London fashion scene. There is so much to say about her. Ben Reardon hasn't really said it so much as he has portrayed it by putting Aggy on six different covers of i-D's May 2008 issue. Nonpareil.

There are a few dancers turned high fashion models but no one has transitioned as well as Du Juan. In an industry that still lacks diversity, repping China and in extension, Asia, is a task of monumental proportions. The "one-girl-at-a-time" syndrome still permeates modeling but thank goodness, her visibility doesn't require being flanked by Gemma and Sasha on either side anymore. She is, after all, worthy of being the only girl on the cover of Chinese Vogue, and they have done just that for February 2008. Grace.

What do they all have in common? As of April 15, 2008, they are all 25 years of age.

Puzzling and sensational, no?

Photo credits: (top-bottom) French Revue de Modes, i-D & dna models, Vogue China & IMG

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du juan is so so so pretty.
& such gret off-duty style.
i like her much more than deyn.


Posted by Blogger SICK. @ 6:42 PM #
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