23 March 2007


How yummy are these shoes?

I'm loving Umbro by Kim Jones. So cute. Wish I could afford them. Don't know where to get them in LA, either.

But you know what, my mind is made up. Because I did a billion light years better than my first test, I'm rewarding myself with two pairs from Marc.

Scant, boring posts I know! Y'all know what I'm up to these days.

Have a finger-lickin' good weekend, everyone.

Photo credit Umbro by Kim Jones

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 12:36 AM

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those are so cute/ugly.
you know how certain things are so ugly they're cool?
those shoes look like that to me.
i don't mean that negatively, they're really awesome and you should def. treat yourself to a pair or two if you can.
so damn jealous...

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 11:32 AM #

Hate the pink ones. Where in LA are you?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:00 PM #

The Pasadena area.

Posted by Blogger ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 9:54 PM #

Aww, maybe Opening Ceremony will carry those?Humberto has carried Unbro longer than anyone I can think of. Well, except maybe Odin.

Posted by Blogger George G @ 8:15 AM #
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