24 March 2007

seven sticks babes & a royal surprise

When I told you to look out for these young'ns, I wasn't kidding!

Seven Sticks interviewee Daisy Lowe (NY Models) is adored by Steven Klein.

Hmm, doesn't her French cover remind you of Eugenia's Numéro cover (below)?

(click to enlarge)

Another Seven Sticks interviewee, the insanely handsome Nick Snider (VNY) is the Marc Jacobs boy for Fall 2007. The color palette makes me drool with all the blues and charcoals and grays and whites. I love the clothes and I love Nick's movement. Those angles are to die for!

The shoes remind me of those Vans Prison Issue Marc Jacobs from Winter 2006.

Heard through the grapevine!

Queen Elizabeth II has purportedly bypassed her son Prince Charles in favor of grandson Prince William as next in line for the throne.

If it is indeed true, then that might make Kate Middleton more important than what she is now.

Photo credits (Top-Bottom) NY Model Management, Numéro, Marc Jacobs (Nick Snider photos), Caliroots

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Daisy Lowe looking gorgeous. Love the cover...
Hahaha! Prince Charles not being king of England? Its too good to be true!

Posted by Blogger mareGa @ 5:53 PM #

as much as i think the monarchy is pointless and unnecessary, and has basically just become a figurehead,
i would so rather have prince william as head of that pointless unnecessary figurehead than prince charles.
i'm glad it's not prince harry. he's cute, but any kid who thinks it's funny to dress up like a nazi gets MAJOR scorn in my Book O'Scorn.

Posted by Blogger Emma @ 2:51 PM #

Eugenia's is far superior. Though I am hopelessly biased in favour of Russians...

Posted by Blogger eurobrat @ 12:08 AM #
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