15 July 2007


Anabela Belikova (IMG) the Belarusian is blazing a very sublime path right now, securing campaigns for Balenciaga and Prada. You already glimpsed Anabela on the runways of Miu Miu, Nina Ricci, YSL, Dries, Yohji, and of course, Prada.

Remember this?

Stay seated for a rush of bookings!

Also anticipate Miakina's (IMG) breakthrough moment!

Photo credits (top-bottom) we_rob_ranks, 1karina1, IMG

Posted by ilovesecondhandsmoke @ 11:10 AM

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Russia is dominating fashion, it's insanity. I saw this CNN fashion vid on how IMG scouts models in Russia. All they do is randomly point their finger on a map of Russia and go to that town, where they exploit, I mean take ten girls back to the US to make it big. That is how Sasha P. was found, makes me wish I was born in Russia.

Posted by Blogger Teresa @ 7:56 AM #

small world you knowing my 2nd cousin.

Posted by Blogger Rafe Totengco @ 5:24 AM #

Those Prada ads are pretty incredible

Posted by Blogger Candid Cool @ 9:41 AM #

Why do underfed, angular, planar, gawky girls are everywhere in Eastern Europe?
Like what the hell do they do, or have there to be that way???

Posted by Anonymous val @ 4:40 PM #
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