28 November 2007

the pallister polish

Beautiful, luminous, commanding.

Glimpse these pages from Harper's Bazaar Dubai featuring Charlotte Pallister (stun factor girl #1!) in Gucci, Dolce, McQueen, Burberry, and Dior. It's a resplendent showing from an emerging economy and evolving fashion hub in the Middle East.

Special thanks to Ian Pallister!

Photo credit: Harper's Bazaar Dubai

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23 November 2007

model excitement #2: that stun factor

Charlotte Pallister, the 15-year-old English lass with last season's Jil Sander exclusive under her belt, brimming with an undeniable, almost lethargic beauty.

Feodora Jatskiv, the Ukrainian newbie with lots of potential. Go Supreme!

Laura Blokhina, another product of Russia's endless water supply. Those cheekbones are so in demand. Marni and Alexander McQueen OK'd her for the runway, so we have lots more to see from this beauty.

Photo credits: Models 1, Premier, Why Not

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22 November 2007


How entertaining.

There's Chloë Sevigny, an American actress, William Morris reject, Imitation of Christ muse, and well-publicized fashionista.

In the middle is Anja Rubik, a Polish model and three-time face of Chloé.

And my favorite is Clémence Poésy, who embodies the look and feel of the campaign, French, stunning, and guess what... She's set to play Chloé in In Bruges.

Photo credits: V Magazine, Chloé

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18 November 2007

luke + florian = !

I'm sick. Boo hoo.
Okay, so back to posting!

Naturally, I'm going to ignore Anna Brewster.

Luke Worrall is not a guy that one would necessarily see doing runway but he's edgy and fresh and that's what I like about him.

Simply put, Florian Bourdila (!!!) is a visual explosion. That picture doesn't do him justice.

The air is getting drier and LA weather is so erratic right now. I need some Eau Thermale.

Photo credit Dazed Digital

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05 November 2007

like a boy

Adina Forizs (IMG), aka Prada girl number 1 becomes a boy in this photograph. I usually don't like the way she holds her lips in some of her shots but this one works just fine. She makes a pretty attractive boy, too.

But! But! But! Do you know who looks smokin' hot as a boy?


Malgosia Bela.

As evidenced by the Marc by Marc FW06 campaign, wherein she modeled both womenswear and menswear.

Smokin' I tell ya.

Photo credits: IMG, Jed Root

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03 November 2007

model excitement #1

Recall the recent Prada SS08 show and you'll find a flurry of newcomers and a pinch of vets. Among the newbies are model pals Lovisa Ingman, Sara Blomqvist, and Cate Chant, all three of which I'm excited about!

Lovisa, the fair Swede with the dreamy visage.

Sara, another Swede that recalls the masculine edge of Madeleine Blomberg.

Cate, the darling Canuck with the mysterious luminosity.


Photo credits: Women Milan, Viva, Storm

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02 November 2007

the beauty in behati

The strong brow and the gothic nail. Always bold choices. Behati on the cover of Barneys Fall 2007 cosmetics mailer. Click to view a page-by-page layout of the mailer. Enjoy!

Photo credit Barneys

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