28 May 2007

j-girls are a hit

Anne Watanabe was a contender for the Miss Japan 2004 title.

Last year's Miss Universe first runner-up was from Japan.

This year, Riyo Mori wins the big title.

In Gucci.

Not the best Gucci dress, but it's Gucci nonetheless.

On a side note, Miss USA Rachel Smith falls and gets booed by the crowd. Tsk, tsk.

Photo credits (top-bottom) Miss Universe, Eduardo Verdugo for AP, Style.com

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20 May 2007

sweet child of ken

The habitually sweet and delicate Anne Watanabe (DNA) titillates the fancy in SS07 Lanvin. Just look what a June 2007 Harper's Bazaar cover can do for you. The friendly anime expression is replaced with a mysterious come-hither stare. The smattering of dusty violet on the lids definitely helps! If she carries on like this, she will be much more on par with her Asian contemporaries.

Photo credit Harper's Bazaar Singapore

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18 May 2007

i love it when we're cruisin' together

"Thank you for traveling Chanel line."

"We wish you a nice show in Los Angeles."

Technically, it's Santa Monica.

Chanel Cruise 2008
Friday, May 18, 2007

Hangar 8
3100 Donald Douglas Loop North
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Can't wait!

Photo credits Chanel.com

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17 May 2007

double, double toil and tumble

Milana Bogolepova (DNA) took a spill at the Dior Cruise 2008 show on Monday night.

Tsk, tsk. look at those shoes. They're the equivalent of roller skates with glued-on wheels. I say she's better off in boots.

Doesn't the babydoll top, actually the whole outfit plus the hair look like something Paris Hilton would wear?

Barfy McBarf.

Photo credit Style.com

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14 May 2007

raquel rules!

Raquel Zimmermann (DNA) on the cover of May 2007 Brazilian Vogue. Gorgeous cover! Her hair looks (and probably smells) terrific and look at that long, lovely neck! Cute dress from Animale, too.

Vogue after Vogue after Vogue. Manifest girls, manifest!

Photo credit Henrique Gendre for Brazilian Vogue

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13 May 2007

donaldson dominates

The sweep continues as Lily Donaldson (IMG) lands the cover of May 2007 Vogue China! Another point for the 'World's Next Top Models'. Although her facial expression is not completely there, she does translate the boyish look quite well.

Photo credit Vogue China

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12 May 2007

the reign of rocha

Coco Rocha (Elite) on the cover of May 2007 Korean Vogue. So awash in gentle pinks and the brightest of whites. So soft and empyreal. It's such a stark contrast to her edgy anime May 2007 Numéro Tokyo cover.

And that's a whole lotta Louis. From the floppy hat to the shoes, that's all LV!

Coco is definitely like no other model. I love the fact that she is not a rail. She posseses an amiable aura that is loved by everyone. Well not exactly everyone. Her beauty is debated left right. Her signature open-mouthed expression is the topic of most arguments. Like her or not, she is popping up everywhere!

Photo credit Alex Cayley for Vogue Korea

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11 May 2007

superstar sweep

American Vogue had it right when they put ten girls on the May 2007 cover. Well technically, five on the cover and another five on the foldout! "The World's Next Top Models" not only captured the eye of Steven Meisel but also of other lensmen like Alex Cayley and Nick Knight for Vogues worldwide. Included in the sweep are Jessica Stam (IMG) looking angelic in delicate green Burberry Prorsum on the cover of April 07 Korean Vogue, leggy Caroline Trentini (Marilyn) in Gucci, exuding longevity on the cover of May 07 Aussie Vogue, Coco Rocha (Elite) the standout with all the signature moves in Chanel on the cover of May 07 Japanese Vogue, Agyness Deyn (DNA) dazzling on the cover of June 07 British Vogue, and Doutzen Kroes (DNA) powerfully sexy in Dolce & Gabbana on Japanese Vogue's June 07 cover.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left) Alex Cayley for Vogue Korea, Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Australia, Craig McDean for Vogue Nippon, Nick Knight for Vogue UK, Craig McDean for Vogue Nippon

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05 May 2007

charming charo

Charo doing Triple Five Soul!

A tip-off from an anonymous blogger led me to discover a collage of Charo Ronquillo's (Ford) recent work. Click here to view a visual summary of Charo's modeling résumé.

Go Charo!

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