28 July 2007

balenciaga balderdash

Sasha Pivovarova dons Balenciaga on the cover of September 2007 Vogue Nippon. Fall 2007 Balenciaga is really not my thing. There are a couple of things that don't bode well with me. Separately, the fur stole and the keffiyeh are atrocious, but they work in a weird way on this cover. Vogue Nippon loves head-to-toe designer cover looks, doesn't it? Well thank goodness it's not Suvi and thank goodness the ethereal white runway makeup is absent!

Photo credit Vogue Nippon

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24 July 2007

missoni misses

Super sweet and beautiful Behati and a polished, luxe Daria pose for M Missoni and Missoni, respectively.

Behati looks extraordinary in the third photo, even though her face is more than halfway covered with hair.

Daria, Daria, Daria. The shapes she throws interest and intrigue me! Lucrative beauty contract? Check. Prodigious runway work? Check. Highly requested campaign face and body? Check. Plus, the Valentino Fashion Group can't get enough of her this season. She's also in the Valentino ads with Gemma and Hilary!

Photo credits M Missoni, Missoni

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22 July 2007


So uncanny!

Snejana becomes Anna Wintour.

I have to say I'm impressed. Paris Vogue surmounts all. The team of Carine Roitfeld, Mario Testino, Orlando Pita, Peter Phillips, Benjamin Bruno and Melanie Huynh rocked this shoot.

Uncanny resemblance, uncanny!

Photo credit Diorette

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21 July 2007

evandro and... agnus?

In last season's Armani Jeans ads, Evandro Soldati (Ford) had his arms around a slightly maidenly Agyness Deyn (DNA).

FW07's campaign generates the same look and idea, this time with Aggy's arms wrapped around Evandro. They look like two boys, but that's not taking away from Agyness's quirky charm. She doesn't look as stunning with longer hair, but this image doesn't do it for me, either.

In the end, they still look like two boys to me!

Okay, so on a side note, Shop LA was pretty fun! Met some nice people, ate a lot of food, the work wasn't bad at all. I was around tons of beautiful clothes, people getting their drink on, and amazingly hot weather. And we were dressed in black. I was in head-to-toe black.

Jeffrey Sebelia was there!

I wasn't able to shop, though. I got free goodies! And alcohol! Wait no, I don't drink.

Photo credits Armani Jeans, testinofan

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20 July 2007

gen art's shop la

I'll be volunteering! See you there!

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19 July 2007

calvin aime le bénin

I don't post about male models quite often, but Djimon Hounsou is quite exceptional. You know him as an Oscar-nominated actor and a humanitarian. Did you know he was discovered by Thierry Mugler on the streets of Paris?

Following Swede soccer star Freddie Ljungberg, Djimon Hounsou strips down to Calvin's tighty whities and boxer briefs.

All this at 43!

via One Stop Cool and Towleroad

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18 July 2007

iridescent iselin

Taking over Bette and Suvi, Iselin Steiro (Women) stars in Blumarine's FW07 campaign.

The Norwegian takes over a diner and (presumably) plays old jukebox favorites.

Steak 'n Shake just became Steak 'n Chic.

Photo credit Blumarine

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15 July 2007


Anabela Belikova (IMG) the Belarusian is blazing a very sublime path right now, securing campaigns for Balenciaga and Prada. You already glimpsed Anabela on the runways of Miu Miu, Nina Ricci, YSL, Dries, Yohji, and of course, Prada.

Remember this?

Stay seated for a rush of bookings!

Also anticipate Miakina's (IMG) breakthrough moment!

Photo credits (top-bottom) we_rob_ranks, 1karina1, IMG

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12 July 2007


Here are some pages from Barney's Co-op's Summer Mailer starring Stam (IMG) and Sean Opry (VNY).

The carefree and whimsical poses and expressions are truly adorable!

Photo credit Barney's Co-op

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