29 November 2006

look what i found

It's an old print ad for Samsung Mobile's SCH-a950 starring the two latest Seven Sticks girls Jordan Richardson (VNY, left) and Alison Nix (Ford), and a joyful-looking Daniel Pimentel (Ford) in the middle.

Oh, and the clothes are A-list! Take a look at the bottom right corner.

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26 November 2006

you can make a wish or you can make it happen

It pays to be young, tall, beautiful, and Dutch nowadays.

Ask Doutzen Kroes (DNA).

Not too long ago, she appeared in a couple of Calvin Klein print campaigns and she replaced Christy Turlington as the face of Calvin Klein's Eternity fragrance, horseback riding on the beach and romping in the seashore dropseed with Karl Lindman (Wilhelmina, pictured above).

This month, Calvin Klein's White Label Line premiered a TV commercial starring Doutzen, this time with Gabriel Aubry (Wilhelmina) aka Mr Halle Berry. The setting looks like it's in the Hollywood Hills, and the house looks very similar to Pierre Koenig's (a PCC alum!) glass creation. That's not the only thing Doutzen snagged this winter. She's making a second appearance in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and she appears on the December 2006 cover of German Vogue.

Screencap credit DNA

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25 November 2006

seven sticks for jordan richardson

As Nick Snider (VNY) puts it, "she is in practically everything right now!" from Gap and United Colors of Benetton to the L'Oréal Vive Pro TV commercial and the SS07 Réyes presentation. The Virginia native chats with us about college, Chris Brown, and a very bright future ahead. Jordan Richardson (VNY) is just getting started.

How does it feel being one of the few models advancing diversity in the industry today?
It feels good... I have people telling me that I inspire them and it feels really good to hear it... So it feels good.

You've worked with Chris Brown for a Teen Vogue shoot before. What was he like?
He's actually really sweet... We're from the same state so we had a lot in common... and a lot to talk about... and he's really goofy so it was fun.

Do you have any role models? Anyone that you admire and aspire to be like?
I actually don't have any role models... I just do it because I've always wanted to model... from a little child... all the way up to now.

When you're not modeling, what do you like to do?
I'm mostly relaxin' around the house.

What's a typical day for you?
When I'm working... I'm either goin to castings or doin shoots... if I'm in Virginia... I'm either sleepin a lot or hanging with family.

Any plans of going to college in the future? If so, where do you want to go and what do you think you'll be majoring in?
Yea I wanna go to college for fashion because I wanna start my own clothing line.

You're on fire! You've been snagging campaign after campaign, commercial after commercial. Is there anything we should look out for next?
Vibe and Essence magazines in Feb. Gap Body, Levi's and American Eagle in the spring.

Photo credit VNY

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22 November 2006

seven sticks for alison nix

Despite her burgeoning success, Alison Nix (Ford) manages to stay real. She walked the SS07 runways of Lanvin, Malandrino, John Galliano, and Y-3, to name a few. It wasn't too long ago in the FW06 Marc by Marc Jacobs show where Alison appeared with long, dark brown hair. Now, she's channeling a glamorous 1920s silent film star. Here, she talks with i love secondhand smoke about her radical transformation, runway shoes, and a supportive family that keeps her grounded.

How does it feel going from being a girl in Denver, Colorado to almost instantaneously being thrust in the spotlight in New York, Paris, and Milan?
Actually, I was just born in Denver, I grew up in Vegas. I started traveling like crazy when I graduated and it all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to let it sink in and now it's just routine. I feel so lucky to have gone to all these countries at such a young age but it can be so exhausting working in different time zones every week.

That haircut! It's very Louise Brooks and you look very magnificent! What did you think before, during, and after getting it?
I was so excited when I found out I was getting my haircut. I had long hair my entire life so I was ready for a change. After I got it cut I was pretty shocked, but after a week I loved it and now I don’t know if I will ever have long hair again. It changed everything!

During the SS07 shows, which shoes at which show were the most comfortable? Most uncomfortable?
Oh man, I don’t recall any comfortable shoes. The ultra high platform was very popular this season, which can be nerve racking when you're walking down the runway. I guess my favorite shoes were from the Karen Walker show in NY. They were old-fashion black and white men’s shoes, I would wear them all the time if I had them!

How is it being represented by Ford?
They are great. They work so hard for me and not only when it comes to modeling. I signed with them when I was 14, and they were always supportive of my education and understanding of my age.

Do you have any good model and/or celebrity friends?
My best friend is Leslie Masson, who is also with Ford. I don’t know how I would survive fashion week without her.

Who's the biggest influence in your life?
I’ve always looked up to my 2 older brothers. We are really close and they make sure I don’t let all this fashion stuff get to my head. Also, my mom and I are really close and she used to travel with me everywhere so she has the best understanding of what my job is like. She is the only one who will listen to my panic attacks during fashion week, I talk to her at least twice a day.

Where's the place to be this winter?
Everywhere is so beautiful. New York has this great gloomy mood with leafless trees and grey skies. I was just in Paris and it was beautiful with yellow leaves and the sun. I’m not used to seeing all this change because in Vegas it’s just dirt so everything always looks the same. And I love wearing scarves and mittens and hats!

Photo credit Ford

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19 November 2006

seven sticks for nick snider

Photo credit VNY

Here's the first male model interview! Thanks a billion to Nick Snider (VNY) for sparing some time to answer questions. During SS07 show season, the Orlando, Florida native walked the likes of YSL, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Miu Miu, which he opened and closed! Look out for more amazing things to come from Nick.

Where's the best location you've had to work in? Any cities or countries where you loved spending time in?
I would have to say Los Angeles. The atmosphere there is the best by far.

Which other models are you good friends with?
The AMAZING Jordan Richardson, (she is in practically everything right now!) Anna W, Susan Coble, Alina, all with my agency (VNY Model Management, of course it is the best agency in NYC).

You're against smoking. Have you been in a situation wherein you had to pose with a cigarette?
Yes, a couple actually. I had a shoot for L'Uomo Vogue with Steven Klein (amazing top photographer) and I had one the other week in CBGB .

Do you have more fun as a blonde or as a brunet? Or does Nick Snider have fun whatever hair color he has?
This is a lame answer but I would say it depends on the season? In summer blonde is ok for me but during fall or winter months I like to be darker. But I can pull off almost any color :)

What are your other plans beyond modeling?
Well modeling is going very good right now. So I plan on making it long term, recurring. So I can't really tell.

What's on your wish list this Christmas?
I have no clue. I pretty much have everything I want!

Are you buying anything as a holiday gift for yourself?
I actually just bought myself a maltese shih tzu puppy.

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15 November 2006

Добрый вечер!

That's "Good evening!" in Russian.

First, the bad news. My 20/20 vision wil never be the same! And I can't stop laughing! Now, if you don't like the intersexed, booty self-groping, skimpy clothing, weird bulges, and scary mugs, then I don't recommend watching this video. Don't even entertain the thought of pressing play. If it starts to play automatically, trust your index finger to quickly pause the darn thing! I repeat. Do not watch this video:

And now, the good news. If you love RBD and you say "O sea, hello" at the end of each sentence, dressed up as an Elite Way School student for Halloween, or if you simply want to view some eyecandy (guys or girls), then what are you waiting for?! This video has such a Huntington Beach feel to it. The sand, the waves, the spectacular cinematography. Brilliant. Enjoy the video:

When are the others going to sing in English? I know some people are saying "K mierda!" or "Rebelde es para las personas que son imbéciles como los 'actores' en el show!" but I don't care! Anyway, their English album is coming out December 19, 2006!

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14 November 2006

seven sticks for amber milam

Photo courtesy of Supreme

Thanks to Amber Milam (Supreme) for being patient and for being such a sport. So funny and such a chill girl. She remains grounded despite her rising distinction in the industry. Amber did her turn at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Costello Tagliapietra, and with that kind of foundation, we can only follow her uphill!

Play tour guide for one second. What is the absolute most amazing thing about where you're from, Bowling Green, Kentucky?

My friends, downtown, the hanging out, the mall, pretty much everything.

I think most people would agree that the model Amber is elegant and energetic. What is the real Amber like?
Spaztic. Bad speller. Loud. Pretends she can dance and rap. Art and theater geek. Musically cultured. Always hanging out. Likes to ride around aimlessly. Pretty much a regular 16 yr. old mall rat.

You seem very relaxed about modeling. How do you view it? Do you consider it work or generally just an outlet for creativity and a means to have fun?
Eh...I don't know..I'm 16..it's work. But I'm having a cool time...so it's whatever to me...so long as I can chill..I'm game with anything.

What are the most played song(s) on your iPod?
Ogod. That's hard...
Anything by these:
Regina Spektor.
Lil Jon.
Marilyn Manson.
Alan Jackson.
Elliott Smith.
Deathcab for Cutie.
Postal Service.
Vanessa Carlton.
and a lot of 90's.

In any field, industry or profession, where are you looking forward to work in the future?
Photography or theater.

Still planning to pursue your dreams of being a tattoo artist?
LOL. Prolly not. But I still draw like crazy.

To survive this winter, one needs _____, _____, and _____.
Movies. Coat. Probably food.

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12 November 2006

seven sticks for cierra jonasson

Photo courtesy of Supreme

Supreme models are so awfully nice, I tell you! A few days ago, Canadian model Cierra Jonasson (Supreme) kindly agreed to an interview. The buzz in the industry points to Cierra being a Juliette Lewis incarnate. Watch Too Young to Die? (along with Brad Pitt) and you'll see what I mean! Here, the lithe 5'10" charmer talks with i love secondhand smoke about life in Canada, her transformation from long, light brown hair to a short mod-inspired 'do, and her affirmaton of a normal life as a teenager despite her rising status.

Before getting scouted, what was your life like at home?
I basically went to school like a normal teenager, and spent time with my friends. Life was just what I think of now, normal.

How did you feel about your radical haircut? Any tears or were you receptive towards it from the beginning?
Well even during the haircut process, I was in hysterics. I couldn't stop crying! I wasn't up for the change at all. It took me a couple days to even get used to the change. Now it's as if it was nothing, and I don't even understand why it shocked me so much.

How is it being represented by Supreme? How are the other models and agents?
Being with Supreme is really cool. They are really good with getting the girls out there and noticed. The other models at the agency are so unique, and so great to get along with.

What was your latest purchase?
The last thing I bought clothing-wise, would be grey Lulu Lemon pants. They are made out of Lycra, and very comfortable!

What are you planning to do these coming holidays?
I'm planning on going to Barbados with my family for Xmas and New Years. I can't wait.

Any developments fashion-wise right now? Anything you can divulge?
Hmm. Well I'm not sure what the question means, but I haven't been working much, because I'm just at home right now going to school. I did a look book for a Canadian designer the other day, and that was pretty sweet, to be able to work, in my own city.

What's the greatest piece of advice you have received and can share with everyone?
Fashion wise; just be yourself, and keep your head up high. Life wise; just keep smiling, music can save anyday.

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11 November 2006


annie: OMG!! they're doing a philippines' next top model! for real!
ilshs: why?

I wonder how this one will go and what kind of girls they're looking for. Are they going for the usual Philippine showbusiness beau ideal? For girls, that means fair skin and a sleek nose, so you either have to have a little bit of Spanish or Chinese or both in you.


I wonder if they will go beyond that image and also search for tall, dark, willowy, unmistakably Filipina girls. They don't necessarily have to be of Aeta origin, but I think they need to bring in girls that will add some interest to a generally homologous current roster of personalities. I also wonder what the prize(s) will be.

I can wait.

The only thing I know is that actress and former beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez-Bektaş will host the show. I remember back in early 2003 when she flew to Paris with her then fiancé, Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektaş, ready to drop hundreds of thousands of Liras for a made-to-order wedding dress. Originally, Ruffa wanted Chanel, Balenciaga, or Valentino but the Kaiser, Monsieur Ghesquière, and Sig. Garavani all told the disappointed bride-to-be that she should have contacted their respective Houses six months earlier. They suggested that she choose one from the racks but she declined. Eventually, Ruffa settled for one of the Philippine's master couturiers, Inno Sotto.

Tsk, tsk. The scheiße that fashion puts you through.

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10 November 2006

am i posting, or am i posting?

Does anyone remember Nena? How about the early 1980s song "99 Luftballons"?

Am I relaxed, or am I relaxed? Actually, I feel a little antsy.

Anyway, A Good Year is now playing. To be totally honest, that Peter Mayle book was very predictable, though did it make me a bit of a Provençal for a few days. I can't believe I read that book two summers ago. It seems like it's only been a few months. I actually envisioned Max Skinner as more of a Jim Caviezel, but I guess Russell Crowe works.

Oh, I almost forgot. Attack ad, anyone?

Am I bored, or am I bored? Actually, I need to do something.

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08 November 2006

seven sticks for behati prinsloo

I asked one of my friends to name all seven objects in the picture of this post's headline. She told me, "from left to right, ruler, cigarette, lipstick, popsicle stick, mascara wand, matchstick and some stick."

She then proceeds to say, "I get the stick theme here, but I don't know what that last thing is."

I tell her, "it's a Pocky stick."

"Those things are so good. Strawberry Pocky is my favorite," she replies.

"They are good. And no, that's not a mascara wand, it's a hockey stick."

"That's one small hockey stick."

Haha. Thanks, Karina. Anyway, while I was brainstorming an image to accompany my "Seven Sticks" posts, I thought of drawing seven cigarettes side by side to keep the i love secondhand
smoke theme. Realizing that I don't really have a particular theme, and the post would end up sounding or looking like I gave out free Marlboros (and that would be offensive to some), I decided on a different drawing. But hey, I kept one cigarette and everything else is different.

A little diversity is good.

On to the real topic!

Photo courtesy of Supreme

I'm so lucky that the beautiful and engaging Namibian model Behati Prinsloo (Supreme) was gracious enough to let me interview her. Supreme is best known for their far-from-cookie-cutter girls, girls that dramatically change the face of fashion. Recently, Behati walked all the major Spring Summer 2007 runways from Chloé and Chanel to Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent and she is the current Nina Ricci girl. Despite her hectic schedule and the pouring rain in New York, she answered a few questions for i love secondhand smoke.

What do you miss most about Namibia?
What I miss most is my family and friends. They are a really big part of my life and I dont get to see them that much anymore. My parents actually came over now from Namibia to visit me. It's their first time to America, but I also miss the wide open spaces, camping in the bush with my friends, riding horses. I'm a real nature freak, love the outdoors!!! and I miss all of that a lot.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration in life?
I really get inspired by nature, the beauty of it, weird art, extreme sports. I just think it's amazing what the human body can do. I have a lot of really good skateboard friends who's really good and I find that kind of thing so inspiring. I'm actually trying to learn it myself. It's going slow though, not as easy as it looks hehehe. People in general is a huge inspiration to me!!!

Who are your best model pals?
Julia Dunstall, Coco, Bette, Heidi, Rachel, Romina, etc.

Which Spring Summer 07 runway show was your favorite and why?
Marc Jacobs... I just think he's amazing at what he does, soooo creative I love it!!! I have to say one of the funnest shows always just coz of the great vibe and energy is Zac Posen!! Givenchy was out of this world too. Oh my amazing great great great everything about it!!!

What do you think is this season's ultimate must-have item?
Do you mean for the winter?? Well today its an umbrella soooo much rain dude....;) If so I would say a pair of Marc Jacobs boots and bag!!

Any upcoming plans besides fashion or modeling?
Well I really wanna be a good skateboarder so I'm working on that, wanna travel a lot see all the amazing things that you dont see in every day life. I wanna go and explore on places not a lot of people know about.

Any valuable beauty or fashion advice?
Never wear too much make up and stuff. Be natural and look after your body, skin, and hair. You only live once so go for it!!! Oh and smile a lot!

There you go! Such a cool and energetic supreme girl!

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06 November 2006

stem cells and satiny-soft femininity

Photo courtesy of chiangforcalifornia.com

Little girl next to California State Controller candidate John Chiang looks like she's bored. Or crabby. Maybe a bee stung her head. Maybe she doesn't know what "self-renewal", "totipotent", or "in vitro" mean. Maybe Mr Chiang should realize that he's preaching to the wrong demographic.

Haha. Seriously, that is the real caption to that image in John Chiang's website. Laughable.

Of course I have to pick on the Republican, too.

Photo courtesy of my TV

In a statement delivered to the press a few hours ago, California State Controller candidate Tony Strickland explained:

"She took off her clothes, revealing her satiny-soft femininity."

This shocking confession about certain illicit occurrences behind closed office doors led to Strickland's abrupt withdr— Just kidding! It's nothing more than screwed up closed captioning, that's all.

Let's all lighten up amidst all this tension.

Hey, that's free promotion for Strickland and Chiang.

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05 November 2006

one more person ages!

Just kidding, Ryan.

After trying to sit through a video about. . . Good grief, I can't even remember what it was about, but I do remember that half the class was taking a nap! Anyway, that long-forgotten video coupled with serious pangs of hunger made me really irritable. I only had two pieces of bacon in the morning and then I had to dash. All throughout lecture, I chewed three sticks of Orbit and had occasional sips of green tea. I was in starvation mode by 12:20pm. Scarfing down a bag of chips and a slice of cheesecake within ten minutes is a really bad idea, as I learned.

Fridays are so exhausting.

When everyone was done with their fussing and primping, we finally made our way to Old Town Pasadena and waited twenty minutes for a table at Noodle World (I recommend the beef panang and the Thai barbecue chicken). The waiting area was packed with young hapa Pasadenans and their mothers, various Asian folk, and businessmen in their Prada suits and Dior Homme skinny ties, so my claustrophobic, semi-ulcerated self decided to step out for some air and sit outside Aux Delices and suffer quietly. While the others bought Ryan a birthday cupcake (as we all know, they're the new birthday cakes, especially if you're on a budget), I was watching a homeless man smoking on the sidewalk holding a cat on a leash who seemed to be getting a lot of attention. That cat was a major headturner.

Noodle World Pasadena
24 West Colorado Boulevard
Old Pasadena, CA 91106

Aux Delices
16 West Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91105

So then, we finally get the table, ordered (I thought a pot of hot Jasmine tea would help, but it didn't), ate, sang Feliz Cumpleaños and then sprinted (just kidding), no, drove to the movie theatre. There were no sightings of San-Gabriel-Valley-dwelling celebrities and no photobooth pictures, either. I was drained and I desperately tried to fall asleep while Flushed Away was playing, but I was unsuccessful.

Lesson learned: Pack at least a granola bar or an apple every morning.

Another lesson learned: Rats know what toilets are.

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04 November 2006

shrinking nataliya, blooming hussein

What a difference a season makes.

Someone help Nataliya Gotsii (Ford).

Photos courtesy of Style.com and GuyLaroche.com

Back in the Fall Winter 2006 shows, Nataliya walked with that strong, commanding presence of hers. She looked healthy and glowing with a bright glint in her eye. Fast forward to Spring Summer 2007, just a few weeks ago, when she looked weak, emaciated, and just plain miserable. One thing's for sure. She wouldn't have been able to walk in Pasarela Cibeles.

What a difference a season makes.

I've never seen such a powerful execution from Hussein Chalayan's shows before. For me, Spring Summer 2007 is his best so far. He struck a perfect balance between wearability, architectural influences, couture tailoring, and technology.

MOCA in LA will house the exhibition "Skin + Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture" from November 19, 2006-March 5, 2007. It will include creations by Hussein Chalayan.

250 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Witness the ingenuity.

From blooming Hussein, the Cypriot, to sentenced Hussein, the Iraqi. I actually stayed late enough to catch breaking news. A few moments ago, Saddam Hussein was found guilty of crimes against humanity and is sentenced to death by hanging.


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03 November 2006

right on target

Target's GO International has the Proenza Schouler boys next in line. Finally! The rumors are true!

It's nice to see they stuck with their signature bra top, the item that solidified their style status back in 2003 and 2004. Trademark baby, trademark.

Photo courtesy of Janemag.com

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02 November 2006

a little kerried away

Pasadena City College's (PCC) Louis Creveling Lounge is such a hotbed for political controversy.

Case Study #1 Last year, during campaign week for the Associated Students Election, one candidate running for reelection decided to make his office an impromptu polling station. Witnesses to this event remained tight-lipped up until a board meeting was called and said candidate was disqualified. There is further complexity to this issue, as other candidates in his slate faced other unrelated accusations.

Case Study #2 Last semester, the not-so-mysterious destruction of several copies of the Courier led to a heated debate in the Louis Creveling Lounge between representatives of MEChA and a staffer from PCC Courier. That organization claimed to have been insulted by a racist image in an editorial column. Mr Courier staffer defended the illustration by explaining that the accompanying article analyzes border restrictions and does not intend to offend anyone.
Case Study #3 Just this Monday, John Kerry made an appearance at PCC in the Louis Creveling Lounge and uttered the words:

"You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq."

I can see half of Associated Students Vice President for External Affairs Elaine Reodica's face. She's doing a remarkable job in that position, by the way. Darn. I wish I was there to witness the drama. I could've volunteered to help set up for the event. I could've brought my camera and captured the whole thing in digital immortality. Too bad I was doing the head-to-toe assessment video and anticipating an hour of pharmacology fun with Mrs Hassija.

Oh I'd like to add something. Mr Courier staffer forgot (maybe temporarily) about Latinos and focused his energy on homosexuals. He was pushing for a National Straight Day of some sort and complained why straight people don't get special straight scholarships. The response to the column included comments from heterosexual people as well, one which pointed out Mr Courier staffer's previous attack on Latinos and a request to resign from his current post. See, even other straight people think he's weird.

Last I checked, stovepipes were mainly resurrected by sexually ambiguous emo boys. Why isn't Mr Courier staffer advocating a more clear cut heterosexual jean style? Well, one current Associated Student officer might have the answer.

"Does 'Mr Courier staffer' have latent homosexual tendencies?"

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