31 January 2007

10 thumbs up

I was reading this issue of 10 magazine last night with the beautiful Diana Moldovan (IMG) on the cover and it's undeniable how its simple format, straightforward editorial titles, and breathtaking photos stand out among the rest. Its devotion to the female model is unique and thorough. Its indulgence in a photographer's freedom is unmatched.

Now if I could only get Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou to do a Seven Sticks interview!

I'll try, I'll try!

Photo credit The Face Forward

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30 January 2007

gah! -lliano

John Galliano, is this an homage to Hannibal Lecter? Three... Extremes? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? I saw the dirtied up Japanese culture references, but I was somewhat scared seeing these. They're like a parade of horror movies. I was bleeding by the end of the show.

Speaking of Hannibal Lecter, what happened to Gaspard Ulliel?! What happened to Manech le survivant de Bingo Crépuscule? What happened to Gaspard the Dior Homme boy? And speaking of Dior Homme, I'm glad to see there weren't any bowl cuts on the recent show! Okay, I'm digressing. So what happened to him?! I'm starting to see the Andy Samberg comparison that some people have been mentioning for a while. Not funny Andy Samberg. Sinister Andy Samberg.

Not really digging the dark and the gritty. Someone turn the lights on!

Back to John Galliano. Bottom line: The theatrics detracted from the few wearable clothes. Anyway, he had that fun Shakira thing going on at the end of show, no?

Photo credits Men.Style.com

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28 January 2007

cypriots rule!

Besides Hussein Chalayan, there's another Cypriot in French fashion, a Greek-Cypriot by the name of Erotokritos.

Loved his Winter 07 collection, love his Summer 07 collection as well!

Photo credits Erotokritos

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26 January 2007

chloé on britney

On the left is Romina Lanaro (DNA) in Spring 2007 Chloé. On the right is Britney Spears wearing the same Yvan Mispelaere babydoll.

It looks better on Romina. Let's leave it at that.

Photo credits (Left-Right) Chloé, Flynet

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25 January 2007

five sticks for julia restoin roitfeld

Only five today instead of seven! But hey, who needs seven when you're interviewing Julia Restoin Roitfeld. The name says it all! If you don't know by now, sa maman est Carine Roitfeld, la rédactrice en chef de Vogue Paris. Julia graduated from Parsons with a BBA in Design Management in mid-2006. In November of last year, she became the face of the Tom Ford Black Orchid fragrance campaign, which is stunningly majestic (an image above). Beautiful, fashionable, and entrepreneurial, she's carving a well-manicured path with her own company that concentrates on art direction, creative direction, and graphic design. Looking forward to more great things from Julia!

What constitutes your perfect breakfast?
Whole wheat English muffin with honey, coffee and soy milk, and fresh carrot/apple ginger juice (if time allows!).

How do you get along with your brother Vladimir?
Extremely well, he is 4 years younger than me but I feel secure and protected (maybe over-protected!) with him as if he was my older brother.

Who is your shoe designer of choice?
Both Marc by Marc and Alaïa, two very different styles but both extremely feminine.

What's the best advice you've gotten from your mom?
"It's never too much when you are in your 20's, so..have fun!"

You graduated from Parsons last year. What kind of career path do you want to take on?
I am freelancing at Baron and Baron right now and have also created a small design company called Global Design Inc which allows me to work freelance on other projects!
I have always been attracted with everything that has to do with images so I am just looking forward to do as many fun and exciting projects!

Photo credit Tom Ford Black Orchid

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24 January 2007

seven sticks for daisy lowe

When your mom was the vocalist for Powder, your stepdad is 1/4 of Supergrass and you have mates like the Geldof sisters and Louis Bhose, it's easy to be defined by the people surrounding you. But in a league all her own,
Daisy Lowe is signed with New York Models and rightfully ready in front of the lens! Read on about her music picks (from the English music scene, of course), her fashion picks, and her favorite Ninja Turtle. Which coincidentally, is also my favorite!

Look out for more of Daisy!

Who's your fashion icon?

My mum and Dita Von Teese.

Do you set any boundaries or limitations when it comes to modeling?
No fur, no full nudity.

What's the most played song on your iPod?
Elvis Costello- I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea, The Jam- Eton Rifles, Blondelle- Other People's Cars and Supergrass- Sitting Up Straight.

How would you define your personal style?
Alice in Wonderland meets Sex Pistols.

What's your favorite city to live in?
London and New York.

Your most treasured article of clothing is...
My Chanel flat boots and my Vivienne Westwood fuck tshirt.

Who's your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Photo credit New York Model Management

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23 January 2007

an ugly comeback?

Heard yesterday on :60 of Sleaze on KIIS FM, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest:

"Naomi Campbell will star in an episode of Ugly Betty, playing a loony fashionista."

I also heard that she will be playing the kind of loony fashionista who hurls small electronic communication devices at unsuspecting hired help.

Photo credit 1 Model Management

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22 January 2007

floating yūrei freja

It's Freja Erichsen (IMG) in Chloé, Crocs, and Calvin Klein Collection from the October 2006 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

The face is scarily yūrei, so forgive.

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21 January 2007

goth girl suzanne

Although the "most glamorous goth from California" title goes to Rachel Alexander (Supreme), plus points for Suzanne Diaz (Women) for pulling it off. She looks like a lovely goth girl in the first photo but in the rest of the photos, I think the mood changed. It's almost like she got too pretty for the goth-themed clothing.

I really don't think goth is in for winter or spring, but check out more of Suzanne in "The Goth Files" by Corinne Day in Vogue Nippon and in Etro's SS07 campaign, displaying her beautiful dancer's gracefulness.

It's nice to see a non-rail every now and then!

Photo credit Vogue Nippon

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20 January 2007

ford supermodel of the world insanity

Here are the winners of recent times (and of course I'm going to biasedly promote Charo Ronquillo):

2005 winner, Brazilian Camila Finn (who was 13 when she won), has done campaigns for Benetton and Emporio Armani. You know you're still going strong when you're doing shows like Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and Narciso Rodriguez. No news from first runner-up Otilia Aionesei from Romania. Second runner-up, Canadian Ingrid Schram, left Ford and switched over to Elite. She did a few SS07 shows like Ann Demeulemeester and Badgley Mischka.

Did you know? Eva Helene Skarvig (IMG) started out as Denmark's contestant in 2005. She's walked for MaxMara, Missoni, and Proenza Schouler in the SS07 shows.

Belarusian Katsia Damankova, 2006's winner, walked for Josh Goot and Dragana Ognjenovic this past season. I haven't seen much of first runner-up Bojana Reljic. I know second runner-up Charo Ronquillo from the Philippines (woot!) did Lacoste, Nanette Lepore, and Project Runway for Chloe Dao. Recently, she did Spanish Vogue and Teen Vogue.

Oh and look at this.

Is there something going on between Brad Kroenig and Charo?

Brad and Charo last year at Supermodel of the World.

Brad and Charo this year.

I have a future in rag mag writing. Ew, just kidding.

Additional runners-up of 2006 include American Chanel Iman who channeled and manned her way through show after show after city after city. No doubt about that. Dutch runner-up Rosanne Doosje might've been a sign of the times, a predictor of the following year. She's such a beautiful girl but has such a gawd-awful walk.

This is the second year that Ford picked five winners. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why. I wouldn't have picked Dutch contestant Sanne Nijhof as the winner but hey, congratulations to her! Oh and runners up from Belarus, Denmark, Canada, and Brazil. Model cultivating fields!

Michelle from the Philippines didn't do too well, but at least Pinoys have Charo to cheer on!

Photo credits Jed Root Inc (Charo in Teen Vogue), Models.com (at Supermodel of the World)

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19 January 2007

seven sticks for kate kretz

A painting of an ethereal Angelina Jolie with her children Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh wafting above the aisles at Wal-Mart was on exhibit at the Art Miami Art Fair in early January. Word-of-mouth has long been replaced by the dual power of cameras (digital and phone) and an internet connection, and it is this technological efficacy that garnered Kate Kretz worldwide fascination and criticism.

"Blessed Art Thou" moved people either to hate or to appreciate. I'm definitely on the appreciating side not only because Kate Kretz creates beautiful, dreamlike, enchanting art but also because I can relate to her on a personal level. I also have a Catholic background and a couple of years ago, I painted the Garden of Eden showing an androgynous Adam/Eve character with the hair as the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the serpent surrealistically emanating from the tree. Some people loved it, others deemed it sacrilegious.

Reviews, slams, and commentaries aside, read on about Kate Kretz's background, her sentiments about artistic collaborations, and her upcoming artwork.

Who or what influences the art you create?

My visual vocabulary comes from being raised on a regime of Catholic imagery and Technicolor films: the sense of light, the lurid palette. My subject matter has traditionally come from my own life experiences, expressing the vulnerability that we all experience as human beings. After several major life changes in the past year, my work has shifted to looking outward at the world around me, instead of looking inward for subject matter.

Which of your art forms do you love making the most?
That’s a tough question. Probably painting, because of the wider range of possibilities in the medium.

Regarding "Blessed Art Thou", I've heard that Angelina Jolie herself made some unappreciative statements about your painting. What can you say about the negative criticism surrounding that piece?
Angelina Jolie has never made any negative comments about the piece. A satirical blog “quoted” her making negative comments about the work, and the entire blog is fabricated, for “fun”.

The other negative criticism has come from Catholics who were offended by the imagery (despite the fact that the Catholic Anti-Defamation League has said that there is “no bad intention” in the piece).

The last criticism of the piece came from a critic who, from my understanding, never saw the piece in person, just looked at a 72 dpi jpeg and made an unofficial comment to friend, who posted it on her blog. I have been painting for 20 years, have had 70 reviews in my career, each and every one of them (except for one mixed) completely glowing. Then a critic known for his traditional art views critiques a jpeg, and that is the statement used around the world in an AP release. I am learning so much about the power of the media and the internet, these past few weeks…

Have you thought about collaborating with any other artist(s) in the future? If so, who?
I have collaborated once before with a friend, and we made some interesting work, I think. I am a bit of a control freak with regards to my work, so it is hard to imagine, but it’s not impossible.

You also make psychological clothing. If the opportunity arose, would you collaborate with a designer or retailer to create psychological clothing for the commercial or high-fashion market?
If I had a reasonable degree of control, I might consider it.

What can we expect to see from you at ArtSpace this coming May?
I will make some new work for the show. I plan to round out my series of self-portrait drawings, my crying men series, and the Sanctum encaustic series. If any of the large paintings are still around by then, I will include a few of those as anchor pieces.

What do you plan to accomplish this year?
Right now, the challenge is to maintain artistic integrity in the face of all this hype. I plan to hide out, read, work in my sketchbook, be quiet, and listen to see what needs to be made next. Then I’ll bust my ass to make it, like I have been doing for the past 20 years.

"Art should never try to be popular; the public should try to make itself artistic." - Oscar Wilde

To see more of Kate's art, go to her website and her blog.

Photo credit Kate Kretz

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18 January 2007

snow, rude cashiers, & great hair

California's crazy!

It snowed in Malibu yesterday.

Guess who checked into rehab yesterday afternoon? Yes, none other than Miss Miu Miu campaign. About time. She's been attending AA meetings but I guess those weren't very effective.

Posh was house hunting in Hollywood recently. Do we really need another reason why Los Angeles is not being taken seriously fashion-wise?

Today, I'm going to have to phone the local Office Depot because yesterday Miss Rude McHuffingcrass behind the checkout counter decided to give me attitude. All I wanted to do was buy ink for my printer and there she was, typing away furiously on the cash register and scoffing like a little five-year-old.

To quote her, "Well, you should've given me the empty ink cartridge before the purchase."

I'll have to talk to the manager and try to get her trainee a** punished. Can you believe she's only in training and with all that audacity to get so combative towards me? She should've thought about her (prospective) job before she let herself go in a fit of insolence.

Anyway, composing myself. On to the task at hand. This is where the "great hair" part comes in.

The Men's Fall Winter 2007 shows are underway. While reviews are mostly about the clothes, let's take a look at hairstyles at some of the shows so far.

(Clockwise, starting from top left)

Spotted at Burberry Prorsum, a newly redhead Nick Snider (VNY). Love the eyebrows, too!
At Missoni, pulled-back hair via headbands on Mael Dalla-Zuanna (Ford).
Eddie Klint (DNA) with a modern Caesar cut at Prada.
At Alessandro Dell'Acqua, middle-part glory on Owen Steuart (Wilhelmina). Love the silver gloves!
At Calvin Klein, Sean O (VNY) looking clean and dapper.
Also at Calvin Klein, Bev Moore (Ford) with a generous amount of bangs.
Toned-down pompadour on Marios Lekkas (DNA) at D&G.
Ryan Taylor (IMG) at Valentino looking very classic and exuding Italian flair.
Danny Beaucham (Select) sporting a cybernetic chic coiff at Alexander McQueen à la Jude Law in A.I.

I'm loving the ski resort feel at Missoni and Gucci. Love, love.

Photo credit Men.Style.com

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17 January 2007

near-extinct locks and dangerous accessories

What will happen to the Karen Elsons, Cintia Dicker, and Lily Coles of the future?

A study says that natural redheads will die out by the end of the century.

But get this, "Fun, creative and sexually prolific - new research in Germany reveals that redheads have more sex than their peers."

Red hair. Sexually prolific. Sounds familiar! Someone will definitely have lots of sexually prolific redhead descendants.

Read on.

What do the Louis Vuitton Miroir, Miu Miu Coffer, and Chanel Coco Cabas all have in common? The bags' extra-large size coupled with numerous heavy purse-stuffers and improper posture can pose a health hazard on your shoulder, neck, or back.

Of course, if you're a nice Armenian girl like Kim Kardashian, you're not going to stuff away those oversize beauties. I mean seriously, who listened when they said 5" Manolos can kill you?

Read on.

Photo credits (Top-Bottom) The Fashion Spot, Net-a-porter.com

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16 January 2007

spring clean

Sasha Pivovarova (IMG) and Coco Rocha (Elite) are all swathed in white in the February 2007 issue of Vogue Nippon. While color will definitely arrive, spring is also signaling clean, airy, light white.

Those two girls are always being shot together nowadays. I'd really like one of those Marc Jacobs caps. So cool. They could work on guys too, no?

Anyway, as evidenced in the recent Golden Globe Awards, Cameron Diaz showed up in frilly white Valentino, Kate Winslet in simple and stunning white Azzaro, Sienna Miller in regal white Marchesa, Ellen Pompeo in showstopping power eighties Versace, and Emily Blunt in vintage white Hervé Léger. White, white everywhere!

My best dressed woman of the night goes to Reese Witherspoon. That fringe definitely works on her because she looks about five years younger. She channeled youth, energy, and freshness in that canary yellow Nina Ricci by Olivier Theyskens! Can't wait for his much-anticipated show!

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wanna see cate blanchett cross-dress?

Cate at the Volver premiere in London, back in August last year wearing knightly Fall 06 Chanel Couture (top left), perfect for anything other than battling skirmishers. Tasha Tilberg on the runway (top right). Cate at the Babel premiere in the Westwood Village, November 5, 2006 wearing patricianly shimmery SS07 Ralph Lauren (bottom left). Kerstin Mannik on the runway (bottom right).

Cate wearing corseted metallic SS07 Versace (top left) at The Good German premiere in Hollywood, December 4, 2006. Mariya Markina on the runway (top right). Cate wearing light and angelic FW06 Rodarte (bottom left) at the AFI Awards in Melbourne, December 7, 2006. Drielle Valeretto on the runway (bottom right).

Cate in Sydney, dressed in latticed and bowed FW06 Viktor & Rolf (top left) at the Babel premiere in December 15, 2006. Tasha Tilberg on the runway (top right). Cate at the Palm Springs Film Festival dressed in electric blue SS07 Balenciaga (bottom left) in January 6. Natasha Poly on the runway (bottom right).

Why did Beyoncé top numerous best-dressed lists for 2006 when Cate Blanchett can wear and pull off almost anything and look a million times better? She showed up in stunner outfits all throughout 2006. Her Balenciaga dress at the Palm Springs Film Festival and black Alexander McQueen at the Golden Globes are signs that she has more fashionable moments to come.

She starred in three major films last year and has a Golden Globe nomination. This year she is set to play Bob Dylan in the upcoming movie I'm Not There along with five other actors.

Here's, ahem, Cate Blanchett in character as Bob Dylan. Click HERE to see the photos. Le site est en français. Si vous pouvez lire français, continuer à lire! If you don't understand French, then BabelFish, Free Translation, and ParaLink are your friends.

I wonder if she'll show up at Cannes in something like SS07 Ann Demeulemeester:

I wonder.

Photo credits CateBlanchett.net, Style.com

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15 January 2007

clive fights aging

Actor Clive Owen has been named the face of Lancôme's Hypnose Homme fragrance and Lancôme Men anti-aging skin care line.

Are 40-year-old men and older really going to buy this stuff? I don't know. Is Clive (who's 42) even going to use it? I don't know.

Hey, I'd really like to see him in a Lancôme campaign with Daria. Maybe she'll be in his Spring 2007 debut. Hm, we'll just have to wait and see.

Wait, scratch that. Though the ladies (and some men) are swooning over his moments in Closer, I really don't want another Gemma-George or Julia-Pierce moment. I don't.

Maybe Shalom Harlow will be starring alongside Clive. That would be much better.

Photo credit Danny Moloshok

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14 January 2007

copenhagen calamity

That's a compliment, by the way.

(click to enlarge)

What's up with the frightening, interesting, and artsy-fartsy Henrik Vibskov website? What are those things hanging from the fluorescent lights on the ceiling?! Why are those dudes wrapped in plastic?! Are those plastic boobs impaled?!

Ah, it's just Danish fashionable eccentricity at its geekiest. And there's Danish model Thomas Andreasen fronting the (hysterically- and objectifiably-titled) SS07 collection.

Henrik Vibskov's clothes are such gems. They're very dorky but my, do these clothes work or what? For menswear, I love the layering of the cardigans and the cool-finds-at-Goodwill feel. The way some of the loose pieces are balanced with more form-fitting ones is refreshing. There are one too many skinny-from-head-to-toe sticklers out there. Just get rid of the keffiyeh and the genital tee, and everything else looks fine!

Photo credits Henrik Vibskov

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13 January 2007

primary focus

(click to enlarge)

Red, yellow, and blue popped up everywhere on the SS07 runways.

You red my mind. A pinch of cinch is all that you need because wide leather belts are waning! At Marni, a sporty coat (top left) is adorned by an obi-style belt. Martin Grant's slick trench (top middle) paints the town in the most scandalous shade of devil red any day or night. At Costello Tagliapietra, a few punches of red jersey, including the beautiful wrap dress (top right), stood out amidst a collection of muted and earthy colors.

Those yell-oh girls. Preen's yellow dress (middle left) with that hyperbolic tulip skirt shines like the sun. At Lanvin, Alber Elbaz fused high tech with high fashion in a sulfur yellow silk number (middle). Trapeze still ruled at Giambattista Valli with a voluminous confection in the form of a dress in yummy lemon meringue (middle right).

Yes, they are bluetiful. Raf Simons did a wonderful job at Jil Sander, pairing black and white with statement brights like orange, green, and blue (bottom left). Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy displayed a head-to-toe blue outfit (bottom middle) with lovely ornamental braiding on the jacket. Though sexy neon and crazy prints ruled Emanuel Ungaro, beautiful simplicity rested on his less provocative pieces like the blue chiffon dress (bottom right).

In addition, check out Eley Kishimoto's collection. I think they demonstrated the best use of the Crayola color trend, perfect for spring! Trust!

Photo credits Style.com

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12 January 2007

double vision: jaime & gemma

On the left is Jaime King at the 33rd People's Choice Awards, wearing something that looks very familiar. The necklaces are different but look, but she's wearing something very similar to a FW05 Lanvin dress worn by Gemma Ward on the runway!

I know some people are either making gagging sounds or laughing their 34-inch behinds off, but I think it looks beautiful on her. That season is my favorite Lanvin by Alber Elbaz and who cares if it was (not one, but) two seasons ago!

What's funnier is if you're Samuel L Jackson. If you've starred in Snakes on a Plane and Black Snake Moan, a bunch of repertory players are most likely going to create parodies like "Black Snakes Moaning on a Plane". Oh and porn studios too.

So off topic but ew.

Photo credits (Left-Right) HQCB, Style.com

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11 January 2007

from booty shorts to the fugitive trench coat

She successfully outran the fashion police ghost (in the form of Miss J Alexander).

She survived the antics of the Wildboyz.

And finally, she braved the attack of the flesh-eating pigeons in London. I think that's what you get for calling birds blind.

Well at least Nicole Linkletter, who jumped ship from Ford and joined the crew at Elite, is modeling for Trovata. The winners of America's Next Top Model aren't exactly top models, and honestly I didn't count Nicole as a favorite and wasn't necessarily the most versatile girl in Cycle 5, but she's managed to garner some love from the boys of Newport Beach.

Photo credits (Top-Bottom) Linkletter Fan Gallery, Linkletter Fan Gallery, Trovata

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10 January 2007

who will we see in milan?

In the January 15, 2007 issue of Time, the magazine's Notebook columnist Nadia Mustafa takes a shot at Siberian stunner Vlada Roslyakova. The photo of Vlada above (at the SS07 Antonio Berardi show) was alongside those of silent film actress Louise Brooks, pinup girl Betty Grable, Twiggy, and Cindy Crawford. Writing about the ever-changing model figure, Mustafa describes Vlada in the caption as having "a silhouette that appears skeletal." But I don't blame Nadia Mustafa. This issue is so constantly rehashed but I believe in some way, shape, or form (no pun intended), Milan runways will be transformed. You can read the full story here.

Speaking of Antonio Berardi, Vlada opened and closed his SS07 show. It was light and delectable, a cross between a stack of negligées and religious garb, in beautiful spring neutrals with just the right amount of glitz.

Photo credit Style.com

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09 January 2007

"old" is the new "new"

Or "new" is the new "old". Whatever that means.

The secret to why only a handful of establishments live long and thrive (à la Kaiser Permanente) is not because of shamrocks or the Chinese noodle philosophy. Excellent craftsmanship, a loyal and sometimes prominent and moneyed client base, and classic but cross-generational appeal all contribute to longstanding success.

Retour a l'école necessities for February:

Mentha Lip Shine is a lip balm and breath freshener in one. I'm not quite sure if it's safe to ingest but I wouldn't personally do it! I saw a friend once pull it out, I took one whiff and I was hooked. That sounded like a drug reference but it really is an amazing product. As the oldest apothecary in the United States, C.O. Bigelow is teaming up with GenArt to look for an artist to redesign its apothecary jar. For more details on the contest, click here and you can download an application here.

The oldest French malletier, Goyard has been making quality luggage and leather goods since 1853 (take that, Vuitton!). Of course, it now manufactures modern and functional items, including the Urbain messenger bag. I love that the print is reminiscent of M.C. Escher's (one of my favorite artists) work.

I would love a pair of spectator shoes! Dior reintroduced women's spectator shoes a couple of seasons ago and Brooks Brothers, America's oldest clothing retalier, is having these cap-toes on sale right now. I want!

It's why they drew popular patrons like Mark Twain, Pablo Picasso, and Abraham Lincoln. It's that inveterate iconicity!

Photo credits (Top-Bottom) C.O. Bigelow, Maison E. Goyard, Brooks Brothers.

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05 January 2007

passé, parfait in 2007

Diana Vreeland at Harper's Bazaar, Diana Vreeland at Vogue.
Though her eminence developed at Bazaar with iconic covers like Audrey Hepburn and the magazine's plum professional relationship with Richard Avedon boosted the publication's status, Vreeland perfected beauty shots at Vogue from 1963 to 1971 with models onboard like Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, and Veruschka.

The bowl cut, the pompadour.
Oh I'm so glad I got rid of my Johnny Ramone bowl cut right when it's starting to become, and will most likely end up, a fad. I want to see guys sporting modern versions of the pompadour. I want to, I want to.

Chunky heels, skinny heels.
Though currently heavy in editorial rotations, the day will come when thick heels will clack their way out of display shelves and sleeker heels will click their way back in.

The keffiyeh, the headscarf.
When will hipsters get more creative than wearing kerchiefs and bandanas around their necks? Or more controversially, the occasional keffiyeh (or ghutra) as scarves, though Freja Erichsen wore it well. As seen in SS07 Prada, Signora Miuccia moves the influence of the Islamic world from the collar to the crown.

Typos, iSpellWell.
How could Anna Wintour misspell Justin Giunta's (of Subversive Jewelry) name as "Justin Aiunta"? How?!

Photo credit Paper Pursuits
April 1956 Audrey Hepburn cover by Richard Avedon
April 1967 Twiggy cover by Bert Stern

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