31 December 2006

last post before 2007

Start off the New Year with laughs! Earmuffs children, earmuffs! My three favorite videos of 2006, in no particular order:

Justin Timberlake on SNL

OK Go's "Here It Goes Again"

Natalie Portman on SNL

Bonne Année mes amis!

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30 December 2006

flavia ate sansrival

I was bored, without a life and had nothing else to do on Christmas Eve, so I drew Flavia de Oliveira from the January 2007 issue of Harper's Bazaar. I didn't capture her face well, but I'm okay with the neck down.

You can also stuff your mouth with sansrival. Those are layers of buttercream right there. Layers. Prepare to die young.

I did all this while listening to stuff like Metallica and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Eve Sarajevo", Phantom Planet's "Winter Wonderland", Ron Sexsmith's "Maybe This Christmas" and Tchaikovsky's Christmas classics. Back to back. On repeat. For four hours.

Barfy McBarf.

So I set out on a mission today. To shop. Got nothing. On the other hand, my sister scored a Chloé Edith among other things. Wait, I was talking to my friend late last night and we were discussing old school Filipino horror movies. The kind that makes you laugh and cringe simultaneously. I got two today. We were also on the subject of jeprox fish. I also got that today. So I guess I did shop. But then again, not really. No, not all.

I still need to shop for myself.

Some time this winter.

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29 December 2006

what the phở: a holiday flashback

Just something funny, taken approximately a year ago in the suburbs of ATL, in Duluth, Georgia. Great phở, great interiors. I think Georgia has the ideal winter weather. It doesn't snow (yay, no shoveling) but the weather is amazingly cool so you actually get to wear winter clothes.

Last year, I went out-of-state and actually did something but this year, nothing happened. It's so much fun, I tell you. I've resorted to drawing Flavia de Oliveira (maybe I'll post that one of these days), playing cards, watching DVDs, and Nordstromming for last-minute presents. I have yet to shop for myself but it's really nice to see cool and cute stuff and buying them for your friends.

Where the eff can I find Cheap Monday in LA? All the bomb boutiques are in NY.

I need to fly there ASAP.

And me want some bánh mì.

I'm turning Vietnamese. I think I'm turning Vietnamese. I really think so.

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28 December 2006

proenza, p robinson, and the would've-been pilferer

I posted pictures from Proenza Schouler for Target's lookbook back in early November and here's another mouthwatering snapshot of those almost iconic bra tops.

Drool, drool, drool! Is everyone ready for spring? They're $50 a pop, but that's nothing compared to their Proenza Schouler pieces, which fetch up to hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Through love from nitro:licious. (To would-be pilferers) Yes, you credit your source(s) without hesitation!

When Jack and Lazaro exit, in comes Patrick Robinson, as reported by WWD.

In the April 2005 issue of Vogue, André Leon Talley comments on Robinson's youthful appearance, saying, "Robinson, who is 38 but looks eighteen." He doesn't even look like he has a kid, not that I associate fatherhood with a certain image. I want to know his secret! Which now I know. Genes. Genes that I never got and will never get!

I don't know how his Target collection will turn out, but I hope it's another good one. Fresh off Parsons, he revived Armani Collezioni, and then worked for Anne Klein in the mid 1990s. Following his stint at Anne, he launched his signature line, which did not last as long as he had hoped.

In 2003, the relaunch of Perry Ellis' high-end womenswear line highlighted Robinson behind the reins. By Spring 2005, Public Clothing Company ceased production on his collection. Though well-received and widely lauded, Robinson's Perry Ellis was unable to yield substantial profit.

Last year in January, he started working at Paco Rabanne as creative director and completely reworked the house's looms. With the original designer's showstopping unwearability left behind, he did produce beautiful clothes. Sadly, in June of this year, Paco Rabanne decided not to ship its Fall/Winter collection and Patrick Robinson bid adieu.

Although Target is completely different territory, and the target demographic is far more diverse, I want Patrick Robinson to do well. It's not pleasant to see someone so talented not thrive in this industry. I hope in a way, this will help him build another base to go on to bigger and better projects and hopefully, his Go International collection will recall the youthful splendor he created at Perry Ellis.

Verification of some information consulted from Blacks Retail Analysis and the April 2005 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

To complete tonight's P trifecta, I discovered something truly heinous this month. Someone had unwittingly taken one of my model interviews on my blog and made it look like it was their own. If not for my own personal request for the blogger at fault to credit me for the interview, and if I hadn't warned a fellow legitimate blogger that one of the blogs under her blogroll is housing a copy-and-paste stockpile, I don't think that said blogger would have given credit where credit is due.

I wanted to make a overt example of how to cite sources, and I did that in the earlier portion of this post. There are so many ways of doing it, as long as you make it crystal clear that you've taken something from someone else and you're telling your readers that such material was not created by you. I also think it would be best to ask permission first, and I thank Wendy from Nitro:licious (which is a brilliant blog, by the way!) for letting me use the Proenza Schouler photo.

It's so easy to copy and paste these days. I urge every single blogger to include sources or credits for material they did not write and/or photos they did not take. Not to do so is a faux pas, fashion or otherwise.

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22 December 2006

a year of change

Who doesn't like Home Alone?! So off topic. Anyway...

This year, like any year, has been a year of change.

I started this blog with the intention of chronicling my daily life and the people and events surrounding me. That changed. My focus shifted on the models of today. Recently, I also decided to include Filipino and Filipino-American artists. That decision came with the realization that my roots are an integral part of my being.

This year, as always, the world of fashion folded and unfolded. Here are some of the highlights:

As early as January, the industry's (hung-over) jaw dropped as Phoebe Philo stepped down from Chloé. After a series of ad interims, Swede Paulo Melim Andersson (formerly of Marni) became the new creativer director in late September.

In February, Karl Lagerfeld's eponymous line (remember that seemingly endless trail of black, charcoal, gray, chocolate, slick leather, fur cuffs, and men's suits?) failed to take off. A few days ago, it was made known that Kaiser Karl is about to launch K Karl Lagerfeld, a denim lifestyle collection.

In March of last year, Helmut Lang exited Helmut Lang. In May of this year, Habitual's (those jeans, those jeans!) designer couple Michael and Nicole Colovos took over the brand.

In mid-July, Procter & Gamble halted the helm at Rochas. Despite the flowing love from fans and critics, the house just wasn't cashing in.

Lars Nilsson decided to leave Nina Ricci in late August, opening a huge door for former Rochas designer Olivier Theyskens as he became Nina Ricci's artistic director in September.

In November of 2005, Roland Mouret resigned after a falling out with his backers. In September of this year, Mr Mouret teamed up with Simon Fuller to create the label RM19. In late October, it was announced that he created a capsule collection for Gap stores in New York and Europe.

Alexandre Plokhov closes Cloak (boo! no more jackets?!) after only five seasons.

Veruschka appears in the latest Bond installment, Casino Royale.

Derek Lam continues to flourish. With seven stellar collections for his namesake brand under his belt, Tod's named him as creative director last month.

Designer-commercial partnerships advanced, exemplified by the marrying of Viktor & Rolf with H&M, Thakoon Panichgul and Sophia Kokosalaki with Nine West, and Behnaz Sarafpour and Proenza Schouler with Target. Of course, the knots will be untied after a couple of months.

Speaking of Sophia, she was appointed as creative director for the House of Vionnet just this fall.
And speaking of Thakoon, he was a runner up for the 2006 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award, along with Rodarte's sister team Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Of course, Doo-Ri Chung won the big prize.

For me, the biggest shocker was a transformation. Allegra Versace Beck started sporting a healthier look this fall. Compare that with her skeletal frame a few years ago. She looks absolutely stunning now.

On a more personal note, I think most of my friends will agree with me when I say that Fall 2006 has been the craziest semester to date. I've gained weight from the RN program, developed GERD, and gotten sick four times. People have dropped courses, paring down a starting number of 60 students to who knows how many by now.

A good number of my friends are graduating from college next year and a couple are dreading the day they turn 21. Some have jobs waiting for them.

This has been a year of breakups and love matches, none of them my own, of course. My friends are happy. You unlucky attached birches! I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I love to love them... and they love me long time.

This is also the year of the most heartbreaking haircut. I had to give up my Johnny Ramone hair in exchange for passing medications and giving flu shots. At least, that's how I see it.

Sadly, this might also be the year of last chances. People are leaving and moving on to bigger and better things.

So the holidays are here. I will be posting flashbacks from December of last year soon.

To everyone, my meager (but hopefully growing) number of readers, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Holidays!

Now here's my crazy Christmas list. Take your pick!

Verification of some information consulted from Blacks Retail Analysis.
Screencap credit Fox

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20 December 2006

seven sticks for irina lazareanu

Heavy fringe, rock and roll influences, and a sylphlike air about her helped launch Irina Lazareanu's (Marilyn) career and secured her a spot in the upper echelons of the fashion industry. She was seen on the SS07 runways walking for Balenciaga, Burberry Prorsum, Gucci, Lanvin, Thakoon (that amazing pink trapeze dress!), Viktor & Rolf, and countless other big names in a season packed with all the select shows possible.

Romania-born Canada-raised Irina is currently featured in Gap ads, in a time when the bridge between high fashion and the masses is getting shorter and shorter. She is also headlining in the FW06 Pucci campaign and captured the cover of W Jewelry's Winter 2006 issue. The sweet and edgy Irina shares about her unique look, her mentor Sean Lennon, and an impending résumé addition as a recording artist.

How would you describe your beauty?
I don't have average looks, I'm incredibly different. When I was younger I always had issues but after the age of 15 I became incredibly confident and happy about my looks. I don't look like anyone else, and I love that.

What's your favorite thing to do backstage to pass time before a show?
I always have my sidekick 3 with me, and I go on myspace, or email or AIM with my old friends from Canada. I also have an ipod nano that goes everywhere with me.

Which other models are you closest with?
Gemma Ward is amazing and I love her, I'm such a fan. Also Raquel Zimmerman, who is in one of my pics is a dear sweetheart and so gorgeous. Kate Moss, my mama kate I love her, shes fabulous.

Do you have any upcoming projects or shoots?
Yes a lot. Unfortunately, I have to be tight lipped about them. But look out for my CD very soon, and a lot of editorials and ads.

Are there any developments in your singing/songwriting career?
Yes of course, I'm wrapping up recording my cd right now.

Do you consider anyone as a mentor?
Yes, Sean Lennon who's just a dream. He's so sweet, humble, and incredibly talented. He's my best friend and I look up to him incredibly. He's very real. In this industry, you need people who are just really real.

Where and how are you going to celebrate the holidays?
If I'm able to fly home to Canada I definitely will do that. I'm looking forward to going home, seeing my friends and family and just sharing the holidays with them. Unfortunately a lot of things, events/work commitments come up and I don't get what I want. We shall see. I hope to go home though, a lot.

Photo credit Pucci

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16 December 2006

seven sticks for darrel gamotin

I don't hear much about our kababayans north of the border, maybe because I don't really have family there (is that even remotely possible?!), but hearing about Ang Pamana (The Inheritance) is a great eye-opener to the accomplishments of the Filipino-Canadian community. Ang Pamana premiered at the 26th Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival and opened in Manila theaters last month. I really want to watch it. I feel like peeing my pants. Okay, enough.

Darrel Gamotin plays Johnny de Jesus-Reyes, a homecoming Filipino who, along with his sister is representing his family for the reading of his deceased grandmother's last will and testament. Darrel was trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, performed for numerous Forward Theatre (formerly Candy Factory Theatre) productions and is graduating (congratulations!) from the Second City Conservatory Program. Read about his roots, his views about typecasting, and the San Miguel, Bulacan house which provides the backdrop of this eerie tale.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
I was born in Quezon City, Philippines. I moved to Queens, NY when i was 4 years old. I moved across the river to Jersey City when i was 8. And I finished growing up in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, Canada after moving here 6 years ago.

Being a Filipino in the performing industry, do you think there have been hindrances along the way because of your ethnicity?
For a lot of people it's a gift and a curse man. But for me it hasn't been a hindrance yet. I have been hella lucky dude. Super lucky. I think. Right from the get go I was fortunate enough to be just looked at as a performer and nothing else. I was never the asian performer.

Right from high school I would be offered the typical "white roles". I was lead in "Grease". I played Oliver in "Oliver" the musical. I played Seymour in "Little Shop of Horrors". I also played Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" in a local theatre production. I was fortunate enough to be encouraged to play leading roles which I considered the typical white person roles.

And there is thing too. I was the only one who considered them white roles. It took me a while to learn that nobody cared I was a filipino playing these roles. If I start considering myself an ethnic performer that would only put a hindrance on myself.

I'm not delusional either. I know a lot of people see my ethnicity because it's obvious and there. And sooner than I think, I will be pigeon-holed as the "asian dude". But for myself, I can't limit myself to certain roles. I have to let them do that on their own, if they can. Watch out. LOL.

How was it working with the filmmakers, the other actors and the crew?
It was inspiring to work with such talented and driven pinoys. It was like we were all on the same boat. We're all struggling and trying to work no matter how experienced or rich they were.

It was however uncomfortable to be called sir constantly. They knew I was the lead so they automatically thought I was a superstar or something. But I tried to avoid it as much.

On the set, did you experience any kind of paranormal activity?
Not me personally. But the cast and crew had their share of things moving around and weird images in the camera shot. Crazy vibes all over the place though.

As a child, were you ever told stories about Filipino folklore?
The white lady was something that I was always afraid of.

What would say was the best part about making Ang Pamana?
For me it was a crash course in film. It was like taking a year of film in 4 weeks. And not just the acting part. I learned a lot about marketing, film making and all that jazz.

Are you doing anything, as Rex Navarrete would put it, "hella Pinoy" for Christmas or New Year's?
I was going to hit it up in Las Vegas with my grandparents but I ran out of money to go.

Photo credit Ang Pamana

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11 December 2006

seven sticks for auraeus solito

There are so many things that I can say about Auraeus Solito. Also known as Kanakan Balintagos (his Palaw'an tribal name), he's the ultimate maverick in Philippine cinema, raising eyebrows and sparking debate but at the same time garnering a huge following of fans. He is multifaceted, humanistic, and has an aptness for delving deep into the roots of his homeland. Early on, he also directed The Eraserheads' cult (and I mean that colloquially) music video "Ang Huling El Bimbo (The Last El Bimbo)". I remembering being really young and getting confused by what the music video really meant, but I thought it was super cool in my 9-year-old mind anyway.

His first feature film is Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros), which so far has won 12 awards. It is nominated for the 2007 Independent Spirit Awards Best Foreign Film category. His second feature, Tuli (The Circumcision), won Best Director and Best Picture at the Cinemanila Film Festival. Truly gifted and stylistically innovative, we can expect more amazing films from Mr Solito. He sends a hearty manunga banar (for beautiful truths) to everyone.

Can you tell me about your experience making the movie Tuli?
I actually did TULI a year ago exactly after "Maxi's" 1st award, The Golden Zenith for First Fiction Film in the Montreal World Film Festival. When I arrived in Manila, Digital Viva films asked me to direct it. Jimmy Flores, the writer, was a batch-mate of mine in the animation filmmaking workshop in Mowelfund [Film Institute]. He asked me to direct his 1st screenplay which won 1st prize in the Viva scriptwriting contest since other directors were telling him to rewrite his screenplay. When I read the script, I really loved it and decided to do it as is.

Set in the Semana Santa or Holy Week... It is about the town's circumciser and his daughter and how one painful and traumatic event in her childhood sets a series of events that make her rebel againts the town's "macho" society and decides to have a lesbian affair with her best friend and have the only man her father didn't circumcise to impregnate here.

When Jim was asked by my sound designer Tad Ermitano what he thought of my direction of his script, he gave the best answer a writer can say to his director's work "It's as if he wrote it himself."

We rushed the film for the Digital competition at the CineManila Film Festival. Finished the film in a month (with my lucky 13 day shoot like Maxi:), but had a problem with the censors. It was rated X! I was shocked since there was nothing explicit in my film, just poetic eroticism (no frontal nudity etc). My film was cut (ironically TULI cut!:) so that it can be shown in SM. Had to fight for my right that the International Jury should watch an uncut TULI version (mind the pun again:), and succeeded. And TULI won Best Picture and I was Best Director. :)

How do you compare it with working on Pagdadalaga?
"Pagdadalaga" was my "coming of age" as a filmmaker while "TULI" was my "rights of passage" working with a mainstream set-up.

Of all the film festivals you've attended, which one stands out the most?
ImagineNative Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. A festival for native or indigenous filmmakers around the world. First nation's peoples know how to appreciate a work, they slowly approach you in the most unexpected moments and talk to you with their heart.

How do you take negative remarks from critics?
I take it as their opinion. Everyone has a different universe. You cannot please every person in this world.

Where is your ideal vacation spot?
Palawan.. and Sagada.

What's on your Christmas wish list?
... a great spirit.... more films.... perhaps a beautiful statuette.... my dream film
... kung ano man... whatever the universe gives. :)

It's been a full year of attending film festivals. What's next for you?
Been travelling all year... so it's time to make new films which I was made for. Will hopefully make two next year... one about PISAY or Philippine Science, about my high school alma mater... and a surprise film... that I have been dreaming about.

This is probably my lengthiest interview so far! Looking back, it's somewhat hard to imagine that I almost went to one of Philippine Science High School's campuses. Héhé.

Check back for more Seven Sticks updates!

Auraeus in London, photo credit Kahloon Loke and Auraeus Solito

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10 December 2006

seven sticks for egle tvirbutaite

One of Major's major models is Egle Tvirbutaite, hailing from the land of Lietuvos Respublika. Towering at 5'10", she has attracted designers like Phillip Lim, Vivienne Westwood, Alice Roi, Junya Watanabe, and Alexander McQueen for the SS07 shows. She was also highlighted in an Italian Vogue editorial shot by Peter Lindbergh. This girl is just about ready to make her mark. Look out for her!

How old were you when you started modeling and what was it like for you in the beginning?
Ok my agent found me when I was 15 but I didn't like modelling much and I was really young, so I started to work as a model like 1.5 year ago. It was pretty strange for me to leave my parents and friends and to go somewhere alone, but in the end I really started to like it.

After leaving Lithuania, where have you lived and which of these places do you like the most?
I'm not living anywhere but Lithuania, because I still have school (my last year) but I've been staying for a while in NYC, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo. I really like NYC.

You're still very young at 18. What else do you want to achieve in life?
My first thing what I want now is to finish school and then I would like to go to university.

What's your favorite movie?
Lost in Translation.

What's one thing that the average person doesn't know about you?
Maybe that I used to play the piano since I was five or that I love studying history.

What aspect of modeling do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy photoshoots. In my opinion it's very creative. And traveling of course.

How do you plan to celebrate Christmas this year?
I'm going to stay with my family in Lithuania. I'm so happy because I'll see everybody.

Photo credit Major

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09 December 2006

julie cooper-nichol wears vena cava

Melinda Clarke, who plays Julie Cooper-Nichol(-Roberts?) wore Vena Cava last week on The OC. I kinda stopped watching in the middle of the second season, as it started a downward spiral, but I can't help but notice the clothes.

All throughout its four-year run, the younger actresses tend to go for Marc by Marc, Chanel, or Zac Posen, but I never thought Julie wear something that's marketed for women 10-20 years her junior. Wait, she's worn ABS by Allen Schwartz before.

She pulls it off, though. Props to her. Hopefully, Miss Mayock and Miss Buhai (and Mr Schwartz) are smiling.

Screencap credits Melinda Clarke Online.

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05 December 2006

seven sticks for sessilee lopez

In a span of less than three years, Sessilee Lopez (IMG) has accomplished a lot. In the past, she has walked for numerous shows including Jean Paul Gaultier, Badgley Mischka, Peter Som, and Behnaz Sarafpour. She has appeared on the covers of Wonderland and Deutsch, and has racked up editorials for Harper's Bazaar, Pop, and Italian Vogue just to name a few. She and I share Pennsylvania as our former state of residence! Here, the super nice and friendly Sessilee talks about her killer walk, her downtime get-up, and the haircut that rocked the icebergs in Reykjavik.

How would you describe your runway walk?
My walk it's a crazy one, many people call it fierce but I like to think of it to be very strong and commanding.

What do you think is the best thing to have come from Philly? Except you and Rocky Balboa, of course.
Well Philadelphia is known for its cheese steaks lol, but there has been a lot of talented people from Philly. You have Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Eve, and the all time great Patti Labelle. lol

What's the best and worst part about modeling?
Ok you're going to get the honest truth about this question. The best part of modeling would have to be traveling to exotic places, seeing different cultures and being able to adapt to a different land. Now the worst thing about modeling would have to be the long hours and being away from my family and friends, because family and friends are the only thing that keep me sane in this industry because it's so easy to get caught up in yourself and it's nothing like having your mom check you like, "Ok big shot go do the dishes" lol then you realize you're not on top yet.

If you saw Sessilee Lopez strolling down the sidewalk, she would probably be wearing _____.
If you ran into me on the street you would probably be disappointed because I'm a big fan of being comfortable so most likely I'll have on some skinny jeans and an oversized hoody and big sun glasses and a pair of Converses.

If you saw Sessilee Lopez at a red carpet event, she would probably be wearing _____.
Wow see this question I'm not sure of because it would depend on the event and the weather lol but I do love playing dress up so maybe a nice form fitting dress and a huge heel. I love high heels lol.

Would you go back to your à la Grace Jones flat top?
That Grace Jones hair cut is what launched my career so most likely. I love the short hair it's so easy to maintain so yeah I'll rock it any day of the week.

You launched a website and part of it is to reach out to girls who are interested in modeling. What's the most important advice that you can give these aspiring models, especially the ones who are very young?
The best advice I can tell anyone who is interested in this industry is stay true to yourself. And if it's possible keep your mom nearby because having my mom by my side has helped me in so many ways I can't even begin to explain.

Photo credit IMG.

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03 December 2006

seven sticks for paul boche

He's the first December Seven Sticks! Originally from Eisenach, Berliner Paul Boche (DNA) walked for SS06 Prada and Miu Miu, scored a Sleek Magazine cover, and secured a January 2006 L'Uomo Vogue editorial shot by Max Vadukul. Armed with blonde hair, blue eyes, and bone structure that rivals the Pythagorean theorem's geometrical precision, Paul is set for grander things.

Where's your favorite hang out spot in New York?
I really like all places... SoHo and [the bar] Cain.

In modeling, what do you think is your best experience so far?
To see all the big cities, especially NY.

For a L'Uomo Vogue editorial, you worked with models Ian Jones (IMG) and Anna Kuznetsova (IMG), and world-renowned photographer Max Vadukul. How were they?
First I have to say Ian Jones became a good friend. We met in Europe and had a good time (Hugo Boss ;). I did not really remember the girl. I think she was quiet and Max was a really cool photographer who did like to listen to cool music during shootings, especially some cool British bands.

Besides Eisenach, where do you feel at home the most of all the places you've traveled to?
It's definitely Berlin and Paris.

What is your passion in life?
It's hard to say I mean I'm really young (19), but first of all, stay true, enjoy life.

What do you think is the world's biggest problem today?
The politicians, like the Bush government who think they rule the world. But for real they give us the problems. Humans die in Africa and Iraq, and Western people are sad about the "brave" soldiers...

What is your favorite thing to do during the winter?
:D Snowboarding!!!!

Photo credit DNA.

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02 December 2006

cough and sneeze safely

I'm very excited for Monday's flu shot clinic! I hope I give at least TEN. Now is when I attempt to do an evil laugh.

Meanwhile, watch this video about proper coughing and sneezing techniques. Oh the weather outside is frightful and y'all are spreading germs. The cheesiness factor is high but it's also very educational. I find it interesting that this was chosen to close the 2006 Maine International Film Festival.

Hold on tight because another Seven Sticks is coming soon!

Screencap credit OtoRhinoLounsburgology Productions

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