30 March 2008

it's a problem-free philosophy


Model pals.

Model pals going on a trip.

Two model pals going on trip.

Two excited model pals going a trip.

Two excited model pals going a trip to Africa!

Without further ado, here are Behati and Coco!

Beautiful even without makeup, y'all.

The video is a documentation of Behati Prinsloo & Coco Rocha's trip to Behati's home country, Namibia (and Zambia on the side). Interacting with Namibian children, "learning" to speak English with an Afrikaans accent, journeying through safaris, just overall having fun and playing around, it has tons of great footage from their trip.

Yes, there are lipsynching videos involved.

Of course, runway music from the White Stripes ("My Doorbell"), with some Razorlight, Johnny Cash, Nirvana, and The Offpsring thrown in the mix.

It's the fashion industry's darlings. It's the cheeky, cute, and hilarious combined.

It's nature calling!

Video courtesy of Behati, Coco, and Behati's parents!

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13 March 2008

honest clothing

Where were you in '92?

I call Generra honest clothing not because it doesn't tell lies but because it has an innate straightforwardness.

Spring is only a few days away but the clothes above have me yearning for cooler temperatures! I think dressing in the fall and in the winter allows you to be the most creative of the entire year. Of course, spring's clothes are just as brilliant!

Nick Snider and Eddie Klint on the runway. Generra AND Prada boys!

Shout out to Sean Krebs! Yes, I STILL love Generra.

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