30 March 2007

we ♥ humberto & carol!

I really thought New York had it all. It still does, but my viewpoint has shifted a bit.

Also reported by COACD, Opening Ceremony had its opening ceremony yesterday. Just how convenient is this novelty? Magnificently convenient, I say, because now I don't have to shop online for my Cheap Mondays or buy a plane ticket to the Big Apple just to snag a pair!

My favorites are in stock:
Cheap Monday
Kim Jones
Opening Ceremony
Umbro by Kim Jones

And Humberto Leon is Pinoy. Represent.

LA ain't that bad after all. Now I know what to reward myself next time.

Check out the reign of Anglomania at Opening Ceremony right now! I'm going this weekend :D

Opening Ceremony
451 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles 90048

Photo credit Glynnis McDaris for Teen Vogue

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29 March 2007

we ♥ charo ronquillo!

Reppin' the +63 country code (okay, that's a little prétentieux) is Miss Charo Ronquillo! She's in the March 2007 issue of Marie Claire in a 7-page spread.

So pretty! Look at her! I've heard people say that her beauty doesn't translate to the runway. I've seen her runway pictures and I've noticed a couple of things. First, the lighting is so unflattering on her skin tone. Because the majority of the catwalkers are Caucasian, fairer-skinned individuals tend to pop out more. Second, her makeup in the pictures was so horribly done. Again, there have been few to no Filipina runway models in the past decade so makeup artists don't really have much to learn from.

Oh but I'm so excited for her! Walk that walk, Charo. Has anyone seen her walk?

Damn girl, that a** off the chinain!

Thank you to Patrick for the heads up!

Photo credit Sarah McColgan for Marie Claire

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26 March 2007

triple dutch

Though this is Lara Stone (IMG) in Nicole Farhi,

the light and airy fabrics,

the glistening skin and sand,

and the polka dots all remind me of Natalia Vodianova in Calvin Klein.

Just an observation.

Photo credit Nicole Farhi

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24 March 2007

seven sticks babes & a royal surprise

When I told you to look out for these young'ns, I wasn't kidding!

Seven Sticks interviewee Daisy Lowe (NY Models) is adored by Steven Klein.

Hmm, doesn't her French cover remind you of Eugenia's Numéro cover (below)?

(click to enlarge)

Another Seven Sticks interviewee, the insanely handsome Nick Snider (VNY) is the Marc Jacobs boy for Fall 2007. The color palette makes me drool with all the blues and charcoals and grays and whites. I love the clothes and I love Nick's movement. Those angles are to die for!

The shoes remind me of those Vans Prison Issue Marc Jacobs from Winter 2006.

Heard through the grapevine!

Queen Elizabeth II has purportedly bypassed her son Prince Charles in favor of grandson Prince William as next in line for the throne.

If it is indeed true, then that might make Kate Middleton more important than what she is now.

Photo credits (Top-Bottom) NY Model Management, Numéro, Marc Jacobs (Nick Snider photos), Caliroots

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23 March 2007


How yummy are these shoes?

I'm loving Umbro by Kim Jones. So cute. Wish I could afford them. Don't know where to get them in LA, either.

But you know what, my mind is made up. Because I did a billion light years better than my first test, I'm rewarding myself with two pairs from Marc.

Scant, boring posts I know! Y'all know what I'm up to these days.

Have a finger-lickin' good weekend, everyone.

Photo credit Umbro by Kim Jones

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15 March 2007

holt on

Yes, Toronto Fashion Week is underway and Adrian Corsin of Fashion Verbatim is hard at work.

Let's celebrate Canadian fashion by featuring Holt Renfrew, the Canadian Barneys (if you're a New Yorker) or Harvey Nichols (if you're English).

Coco Rocha in the SS07 Balenciaga campaign meets Canadian highschooler. It's Elise Crombez Marni-ing it up in the 'burbs.

Ujjwala Raut in poetic, artful Givenchy. Riccardo Tisci is getting it right!

As you can see, early 2000s models are 'tastic.

Photo credits Holt Renfrew

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11 March 2007

wallpaper ♥ hussein chalayan

The March 2007 issue of Wallpaper features the famous Hussein Chalayan robodress on its limited edition cover.

Part 1

Part 2

Above are videos of his FW07 collection. Love his work!

Photo credit Wallpaper

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07 March 2007


Going on at Payless ShoeSource! You know that neighborhood Payless, the one in a strip mall near your neighborhood or the other one in a little corner in the mall. Yes, well after signing up Abaeté, Payless lassoed in Lela Rose and Patricia Field to design shoe collections as well.

The Flavin Platform Pump from Abaete's Laura Poretzy.

The Birchin T-Strap Pump by Lela Rose.

This Patricia Field-designed shoe reminds me of Tom Ford's Gucci days (or is it Gucci's Tom Ford days?).

Fun, but the collabandwagon is looking a little full right now, don't you think?

Photo credits Payless on the Runway, Nitro:licious

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06 March 2007

liplock & lipstick

Misters Hernandez & McCullough made out in Times Square for Flaunt.

This is way before Proenza Schouler was born.

Just an interesting bit when the PS for Target craze has died down.

More lip stories! Think of it as added fuel for their $25 Lancôme Le Rouge Absolu Proenza Pink lipstick. Wear it and it'll be like snogging the PS boys. Or Gucci Westman. Or their SS07 runway models.

Whatever works for you.

I remember reading this post a while back, so there you go! I'm promoting you, D Perrett!

(via COACD)

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01 March 2007

what a girl wants

Last night February 28, 2007, on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Izabel Goulart (One) fessed up to being attracted to smart and funny guys, saying she likes leaner (not über muscular) men with a little bit of belly so she can use it as a pillow. How cute is that?

That's good news for all Izabel admirers who are packing a little paunch. You just might have a chance after all. Or maybe not.

Photo credit Izabel-Goulart.net

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